Thursday, August 12, 2010


The main project I have been working on this summer is online research community Ytribes. We believe that what we are doing with Ytribes is just the start of a much larger online research community movement. We believe so strongly in this idea that we partnered with Carol Phillips and submitted a panel to SXSW to discuss GenY Research Communities. There is a very intense decision process to decide who gets to speak at next years conference - a large part being the online panel picker.

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Description of the GenY Research Communities Panel:

Based on a similar motivation, two research-based communities Ytribes and Millennial Marketing ‘Super Consumer’ Community launched early in 2010. Both communities were built around gathering research and insights on the Millennial generation. Each community utilized open source platforms (Kickapps and Ning) to house the environment and facilitate engagement. The end goal of gathering qualitative research from consumers and turning the content into valuable and actionable material is shared by both communities. The approaches however, were very different. This panel will explore the purpose, ideation, success, failures, results and implications not only of developing a research-based community but also maintaining and monetizing such a project. From gaining Sr. Management buy-in to selling through to a client, we will discuss what we learned, what worked and what didn’t.

Here are the questions we plan on answering with our panel discussion:

  1. Why did we develop our communities?
  2. How did we grow our communities?
  3. What are the differences between our two communities?
  4. How are we utilizing our communities?
  5. What are the implications and learning from our communities?

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