Monday, May 10, 2010

Spicy & Tasty

Apparently Queens is notorious for having some of the best Asian food in New York. Who knew? Not this girl. I read an article in Time Out New York that said, "Your journey for Asian food should start at Spicy and Tasty", can't argue with that! After about 40 minutes of parking spot negotiations we were seated at a small two top in the middle of the bumpin' Szechuan restaurant. With eyes much bigger than our stomachs we ordered so much food that they actually moved us to a bigger table. What, that doesn't happen when you go out to dinner? Weird.

Below is the list of everything we ordered:

*Sliced Beef in Fresh Hot Pepper
Sesame Cold Noodle
Cucumber in Sesame Oil Sauce
*Fried Spare Ribs with Fresh Garlic
*Beef Trip with Hot Pepper Sauce
Eggplant with Garlic Sauce

All this food and I think the bill came to under $50. Can't beat that. All the (*) are things that I would definitely order again, even though everything was amazing. Spicy & Tasty was more than a great meal, it was an experience. I highly recommend this place if you are willing to make the trip.

Spicy & Tasty
39-07 Prince St

Flushing, Queens


Subway: 7 to Flushing–Main St

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