Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend in Review

This weekend kicked off my favorite time of the year; Boating Season! This summer I've taken a consulting contract in Darien placing me just miles away from where Rob docks his boat - I can't even begin to put into words how excited I am by the thought of sunset cruises after work! Summers for me are all about being by the water- It is honestly what makes me happiest in my life. I am so fortunate to have a boyfriend and friends who feel the same way. I really feel that summer is the season where I reconnect with so many of the important people in my life; whether its the time I spend in Nantucket with my girlfriends, nights out on the boat with Rob, or having friends come out from the city for weekends on the sound - those memories are what get me through the rest of the year.

So speaking of those friends who come out from the city, check out Kiira's post on this Sunday's festivities on Eat & Greet.

"This past Sunday was spent as follows: On a boat. I was on a boat. I was on a boat with Arax and Rob. In Rowayton, CT. Oysters happened. As did some Babich Sauvignon Blanc which I had the pleasure of tasting prior at a Cork'd event. And the peaches and the grapefruit and the green, green grass had just reeled me in and begged to be enjoyed seaside. And so that happened too."

To read the full post head over to Eat & Greet.

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