Thursday, May 20, 2010


Spring Tide Pants & Widest Leg Pants

Summer is here. This means I will be doing a lot of traveling and a lot of seafood eating, consequently this also means that my clothing budget is close to nonexistent. But really, what's better than being well traveled and well fed? Let me answer that for you. Nothing. So I hope you take my lead and do a little sale shopping this season and make up for it with a little oyster eating. I know I will be. Both of the high waisted trousers above are on sale for only $49.95! I know high waisted is a hard look, but with a great stacked heel and fun blouse you can make it work. Both pair fit great, but I ended up getting the Widest Leg Pants just because I felt like they went with more of what I already own.

Spring Tide Crops $49.95

Widest Leg Pants $49.95

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