Thursday, May 20, 2010


This post deserves a better picture. I will have to dig one up later, but tonight I have to pack.

Just like it hits me every summer some time around May my heart starts to ache for Montauk. There really isn't much I can do about it, it is something that has been ingrained in me since before I can remember. I grew up spending summers out in Montauk with my father and his friends. They were this amazingly cool blend of surfers, models, and photographers all turned bartenders for the summer- unknowingly to me at the time, but looking back by far the coolest people I would ever be hanging out with. At the start of every summer I yearn to go back in time to those days at Ditch. Last week we had a clear day in the 60's and all I kept thinking was "this feels like a Montauk morning", that was the last straw, I had to get out there. Luckily they had a room available at the East Deck for this weekend, so Rob and I are heading out tomorrow morning. Ditch, here we come. If I know Rob we will be hitting the road early enough for me to get my morning coffee at the Ditch Witch. My request for the weekend? That once we get into Montauk we take the Old Montauk Highway route for the hills. You grow up, but some things never change.

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