Monday, May 3, 2010

Bermuda Shorts

Thursday I will be hopping on the $69 Jet Blue special to Bermuda! Pre-booking I actually knew nothing of Bermuda other than the island is famous for its pink sand beaches. I sent an email to our gracious host Lux (aka Charlie) asking if he could give me names of places we would be frequenting so I could google the heck out of them and he actually did me one better - he sent me a link to his friend Dave's blog, Bermuda Shorts. It was an instant add to my google reader and has yet to disappoint. Be sure to check out his article for the New York Times "36 hours in Bermuda". Whether you are planing a trip to Bermuda or just want a dose of distraction be sure to check out Bermuda Shorts. Dave will have your toes in the pink sand, eating sweet lobster, drinking dark and stormies in no time. Is it Thursday yet?

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