Monday, April 26, 2010

MANICure Monday

Due to a wonderful sinus infection I had to sit this #MANICure Monday out. Luckily I have the best readers in the WORLD who tweeted, twitpic'd, and mobile uploaded their #MANICure Monday colors and suggestions. Check out the fun happening on Facebook and Twitter!!!

@Claudinwcase tweeted me a link to this article that ran in the New York Times all about nails!

K&T reader Marleah Brady uploaded this picture of her #ManicureMonday. Grape Fit by OPI -Love the color! And why don't I take my #MANICure Monday pictures like this? Such the less creepy alternative to my weekly face covered photo booth pictures. See you on Nantucket, girl!

An amazing twitpic from the beautiful (and tan)Miss @brittanyrochlin.

Thanks for making this sick girl feel a whole lot better!!! xx