Monday, April 19, 2010


This #MANICUREMONDAY was more about things coming off than color going on. For the past two months I've had OPI's Axxium Gel on my nails. I've always had really thick strong nails, but I was still worried about the harm that may have been caused after a full two months of the gel. Today - after 2 hours of soaking and filing - the gel finally is off. Are my nails fragile? Yeah, actually a little, and keep in mind my nails are crazy thick. So I unfortunately have to say that I do not recommend this process if you have thin, brittle nails in the slightest bit. But if you have thick nails - then go for it. I plan on taking two weeks off then going back to the Axxium Gel.

Now that's out of the way ... Here we go! #MANICUREMONDAY! This week I went with Essie's Van D'go. It is one of Essie's new Spring colors. I'm not sure I love it. I think it would have been a better color choice for a pedicure. Bermuda possibly?

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