Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Weekend

Monday, April 26, 2010

MANICure Monday

Due to a wonderful sinus infection I had to sit this #MANICure Monday out. Luckily I have the best readers in the WORLD who tweeted, twitpic'd, and mobile uploaded their #MANICure Monday colors and suggestions. Check out the fun happening on Facebook and Twitter!!!

@Claudinwcase tweeted me a link to this article that ran in the New York Times all about nails!

K&T reader Marleah Brady uploaded this picture of her #ManicureMonday. Grape Fit by OPI -Love the color! And why don't I take my #MANICure Monday pictures like this? Such the less creepy alternative to my weekly face covered photo booth pictures. See you on Nantucket, girl!

An amazing twitpic from the beautiful (and tan)Miss @brittanyrochlin.

Thanks for making this sick girl feel a whole lot better!!! xx

Saturday, April 24, 2010

8 drinks, 2 people

This is what happens when Rob and I go out to dinner - somehow we end up with 8 drinks between 2 people.

I SPY : Can you spot my glowing blackberry on the table? (I have a strict no phone during dinner rule, so this is very out of the norm ... must have been a FourSquare notification.)

I'm also wearing my slouchy pocket T from last weeks PAYDAY pick.

GMA Appearance!

Didn't wake up early enough to catch Ashley and me on Good Morning America this morning? Watch above as we put cheap and expensive denim to the test to see if designer denim is actually worth the extra cash!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


I quickly fell in love with this Woodblock Print high waisted skirt. You can't tell from this image, but the coral print is of flowers and butterflies - how perfectly Spring?

Woodblock Print Skirt $78

New iPhone prototype lost, LEAKED!

Clearly I stole these photos from

Check it out. Things I love : 1. the flat back 2. both a camera on the front and back and 3. the sleek more square looking shape. Head to Gizmodo to hear the whole story behind how they acquired this next generation iPhone.

The release is said to be happening in June - then and only then will I consider leaving my family share plan.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moments from my life.

"Are you allowed to listen to music in your new office?" - Mom

"I just plug in my headphones and stream Pandora" - Me

"You should really get self-help audio books." - Mom

"I don't think I could pay attention to people talking and try to work. But thanks Mom, really."- Me

"Then maybe you should just listen to subliminal messages telling you not to eat." - Mom


New Suit!

This is the suit I'm thinking for Bermuda. I found this little gem on Victoria Secret for only $39. I know that bandeau tops are really unflattering on me, but I don't really care. I hate tan lines. When ordering swimwear from Victoria Secret I find I go down a size in bottoms and up a size in the tops - just a little helpful fyi.

Forever 21 & deLia*s also have really inexpensive swimwear collections. Delia's blast from the past - middle school throw back what what?


Monday, April 19, 2010


This #MANICUREMONDAY was more about things coming off than color going on. For the past two months I've had OPI's Axxium Gel on my nails. I've always had really thick strong nails, but I was still worried about the harm that may have been caused after a full two months of the gel. Today - after 2 hours of soaking and filing - the gel finally is off. Are my nails fragile? Yeah, actually a little, and keep in mind my nails are crazy thick. So I unfortunately have to say that I do not recommend this process if you have thin, brittle nails in the slightest bit. But if you have thick nails - then go for it. I plan on taking two weeks off then going back to the Axxium Gel.

Now that's out of the way ... Here we go! #MANICUREMONDAY! This week I went with Essie's Van D'go. It is one of Essie's new Spring colors. I'm not sure I love it. I think it would have been a better color choice for a pedicure. Bermuda possibly?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bermuda, Booked.

What if this crew....

went here....

"I'm living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart." - E.E. Cummings

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hey Boston!

I've got a lot of love for Boston *evidence of this above* which is why I feel it is my duty to pass this casting call along:

They are looking for "Blue collar, hard working, harder partying, tough talking, damn good looking Mass natives from all over the state for the summer of their life and be a part of the most wicked reality show evah! Yea we'll consider preps from Wellsley too if they got what it takes."

Got what it takes? Then apply at - just typing that made me laugh out loud - this show is going to be AMAZING!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


At around 2:30 today I'm going to be strolling into Poco on the lower east side for the celebratory birthday brunch of a good friend. We will all eat and drink with no end in sight until of course the check comes, when inevitably there is the fun matter of dividing the bill. Who has cash? Who has credit? Who had 1 bloody? Who had 8? Talk about a brunch buzz kill. What if there was a way to quickly transfer funds between you and your friends just by sending a text message? It would be genius right? Enter VENMO, the site created to do just that. All you need to do to get started is 1. create an account 2. "trust" people you would like to exchange funds 3. enter all your banking information. And just like that you're ready to brunch!


If you eat out in groups constantly, never carry cash, or haven't been able to locate your check book since Bank of America announced online banking, then VENMO my friends is for you!

If you want more information on VENMO head over to Vayner Media.


Believe it or not, but I actually don't own a pair of Tory Burch flats. I feel the same way about them as I did Juicy Track suits, of which I also own none, but I think I'm going to be willing to make the exception for these crocheted flats.

Tory Burch Rory leather and crochet flat $235

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Give In Style

Last night I attended the Give In Style event hosted by Connecticut Social and Connetiquette at Ralph Lauren Rugby in New Canaan. 10% of all sales during the event went to the United Way disaster relief efforts in Haiti and Chile. With all the chatting going on I didn't feel like trying clothes on, but I did pick up this Feed Haiti Bag.

"Support the Haiti relief efforts with the FEED Haiti Bag - for every bag purchased, 50 meals will be provided to Haitian children through the UN World Food Program's School Feeding initiative. Designed in a roomy silhouette, the organic cotton tote features "FEED HAITI" and the WFP logo screen-printed at the front and "50" at the back. Available at"

Friday, April 9, 2010

Google Search Stories

Remember that amazing commercial Google had during the Super Bowl? Well now you are able to create your very own. This is exactly the Friday afternoon distraction I needed. To make your very own go to YouTube- Search Stories.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I know that these don't look like anything special, but as my friend Ashley said, "Aren't these the slouchy pocket Tee's of your dreams?" And yes - Anthropologie's Relaxing Tee is just that - the slouchy pocket Tee of my dreams! There isn't much more I have to say about these, except that they are simply perfect.

Relaxing Tee

Moments from my life.

"Wanna have a date tonight?" - Rob

"Sure, what did you have in mind?" - Me

"We should grill out." - Rob

"Ok, awesome." - Me

"Wanna go to the grocery store and pick stuff up and then head over?" - Rob

"Ok, so just to clarify, your idea of a date is me going grocery shopping, bringing food over , and then cooking for you?" - Me



Ok, so this post may be a little premature - I don't know if I can call this a garden quite yet, but it sure is the makings of one. After dinner on Easter Sunday I went back with my Aunt and Uncle's house to check out the spot in their backyard they had sectioned off to start a vegetable garden. I loved the idea of having all herbs and vegetables at my disposal. I mentioned this idea to Rob and yesterday he surprised me with the makings of our very own! He went to Home Depot and picked up green peppers, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, basil, and cilantro - I can taste the fresh summer salsa already! I've grown freakishly attached to these tiny plants so I'm sure this won't be the last post on my Summer garden, unless I accidentally kill them all, in which case I'll be sure to never mention it again!

It looks like I'm not the only blogger who has a desire for a green thumb this summer, check out good life {eats} and follow along with all her posts and recipes from her garden!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

... and my night is made.

Look! My updates have even gotten the attention of the social media king himself, Gary Vaynerchuk. Want to get in the action? To follow me on twitter click here.

Monday, April 5, 2010

MANICure Monday

Another week, another #ManicureMonday post going up on a Tuesday. Maybe Monday's really are too manic to try and get things accomplished.... I apologize. I've gone with the OPI Axxium Gel again this week with My Private Jet. I think this will be my last week with the Axxium Gel, not because I don't love it, I just think I need to give my nails a little break. OPI claims that there is no damage done to your actual nails, but I won't know for sure till I soak the gel off completely.

Picture From the Past

September 17, 1944

I found this picture of my "Nana", my Great-Grandmother, when going through my Great-Grandfather's scrapbook from his time in the Air Force on Easter Sunday. I think it's the fact that my boyfriend's family has a tree care company that really made this image stand out to me. This could be one of my all time favorite photographs. I love it so much that I may or may not have stolen this photograph out of the scrapbook and now have it sitting on my desk.

New Obsession : Rayland Baxter

"I thought I got a hold of her
Back when I was young enough to fall for a crazy girl,

But time went by and I found I nothing more than a boy in a crazy world."

via @kiirabritt

Great Minds...

I loved the fact that my Mother, my Aunt, and myself all arrived on Easter Sunday wearing gold Michael Kors watches. Great minds think alike ... or read K&T!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Eat & Greet : Bubbly Birthday Brunch at Spitzer's Corner

What's the most amazing part of having one of your best friends be a food blogger? Well, first there's the food, of course - but a close second are the posts recapping meals shared together that will be archived on the Internet for every time you are feeling lonely, or hungry, or both. Be sure to check out her review of Spitzer's Corner - just in time for another bloody Sunday!

Due to technical difficulties, this post is two days late BUT, let's all wish Miss Arax Rae Van Buren of Kiss and Type a Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday (on March 28th)! And how did we celebrate the gorgeous Arax's 25th year of fabulousness? With a bubbly brunch at Spitzer's Corner on Sunday afternoon. With an intimidatingly long farm table filled with friends, we cheersed the Birthday girl over poached eggs, truffle mac and cheese, mimosas, and the occasional Bloody Mary (I so wish I was a Bloody fan. They just look so cool, don't they?).

To read the whole post head over to Eat & Greet!

best birthday card... EVER!

This could possibly be the best birthday card I've ever received. I honestly think I may frame it. To order your very own click here.


It has been almost a week since my birthday and I'm just now getting around to writing this post. It's weird you know, turning 25 and all. It's definitely one of those milestone birthdays where you find yourself playing this fun masochistic game of "you : where you are now" vs. "you : where you'd thought you'd be". I can confidently say that I spent the entire month of March in a weird identity crisis that has resulted in a few unfortunate impulse buys and even more unfortunate impulse flip outs. I think everyone has times in the their life where they reflect and have regrets; rethink breakups, leaving jobs, transferring schools, whatever it may be - and for those of you who know me, or any of my story, you can assume at this pivotal birthday I had my fair share. So as I rounded this corner to mid-twenties I took a deep breath and assessed - I thought, I wrote, I ate, I talked, I ate some more - and at the end of it all, when thinking about the things that really matter, I've realized that somehow I made it to 25 with my feet firmly planted where I have always hoped they'd be [Full Disclosure: -$500 in my checking and +5 lbs on the scale]. This "place" where I am now, does it look like I thought it would? No. Does it pay what I thought it would? No. Am I as fulfilled and happy as I ever thought I'd be, both personally and professionally? Yes. So I've decided, now that I'm in my mid-twenties and actually an "adult", to give myself a break and enjoy right where I am. I guess the moral of this story is: It's ok to regret, it's ok to reassess, it's ok to have a nervous break down in LF and put those horrible silver grommet heals that you will never wear on your just paid off credit card... just every once in awhile stop questioning yourself and take a look around - You may have ended up right where you'd always hoped, you just may not recognize it.

Nothing is ever looks the way you imagined it... but sometimes, if you're lucky, it can look even better.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Survival of the Hippest

File these custom twitter name tag necklaces under Things I need Immediately. This is genius shameless self promotion in the form of gold jewelry - doesn't get much better than that! The only question now is do I want a @kissandtype necklace or an @kissandtype bracelet.

Head to Survival of the Hippest to order your own today!

Twitter name tag necklaces start at $49.95 in silver and $149.95 in gold.