Thursday, March 25, 2010

H&M Garden Collection

Today I rushed over to H&M to see their new Garden Collection. I was in search of a fun Spring dress for my birthday brunch on Sunday. Below are the three dresses that I tried on.

I bought this! It was only $19.95!

Loved the top on this, but the it made me look like an upside down cupcake on the bottom.
This could have been cute, but was really thin and felt cheaply made.


I know that this doesn't look like much from this image, but it is actually adorable on. Pair it with a cropped floral cardigan or maybe play up the nautical theme and go with something with thick red stripes and you are in business. And the best part? The price is right my friends, the price is right.

Brighton Beach Romper $68

Storm Damage

For those of your who don't live out in the sticks, and weren't subject to the hurricane like winds last Saturday night, here is an image of some of the remaining storm damage. More than a week and a half later and there are still tree on top of cars.

Rory Tahari

Last week I had the honor of spending the afternoon at the amazing Soho loft of Rory and Elie Tahari. We went to interview Rory Tahari on her new book List's for Life! There will be an article and video to follow on PageDaily. But for now I figured I would share an image of their incredible rooftop. The Tahari's loft was, by far, the most amazing piece of Manhattan real estate I've ever stepped foot inside of.

Image via Town & Country

Here is a blurry picture of yours truly and Rory Tahari. Majorly bummed it came out blurry.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Julia Allison

I saw this coming, yet all I can say on the matter is wow. Just wow.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MANICure Monday

Look no chip. How amazing is this? Its official - I'm completely obsessed with Opi's Axxium Gel!

Nail & Spa
1701 Post Rd.
Westport, CT

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

MANICure Monday

For this week's #MANICureMonday I decided to go with OPI's new Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquers. I've gone on the record to say that I'm not a fan of OPI products, but just H&M has recently risen to the top of my list replacing F21, it looks as though OPI is quickly finding a place in my heart.

Here's the deal with the gel. It goes on thick and dries instantly under UV light. You are able to choose from 25 OPI shades, but most places will blend colors together until you find the shade you love. The gel is meant to last for 2 weeks without chipping and I've heard that many women can actually push it to 3 weeks. Personally, my nails grow very quickly so 2 weeks as long as I can go without having them look grown out. This isn't the process where they fill them in, once your two weeks are done you soak the gel off and start completely over. The Axxium Gel Manicure should cost you between $30-$35. The spa I go to charges $40, but they also give you a back massage the ENTIRE time it takes to apply the gel - and I'm a sucker for a back massage.

A little trick for making your gel look fresh longer : Try going with a more neutral shade. This way a little growth won't be noticeable.

Nail & Spa
1701 Post Rd.
Westport, CT

Monday, March 8, 2010

High Society

"I just don't want to be talked about" - Cornelia Rockman... I mean Tinsley Mortimer
Comment below if you know what that means!

Somone should clue Tinsley into the fact that staring in your own CW reality show isn't really the way to stop the gossip. I'm all for shameless self promotion - but own it. Regardless, I will still be tuning in to High Society. Every Wednesday.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ballet Flats?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Anthroplogie does Bridal. I die.

Today is the happiest day of my life. Every girl dreams of their wedding day; the dress, her friends and family, and the perfect Montauk summer's day (in my case) - well looks like that dream is becoming a reality. No, I am definitely not engaged - but this is even better - ANTHROPOLOGIE HAS ANNOUNCED THAT THEY ARE LAUNCHING A WEDDING LINE SPRING 2011! The collection will include wedding gowns, bridesmaid and occasion dresses, shoes and bags, jewelry and accessories, intimate apparel, as well as invitations, decorations, and gifts! AND they are also considering launching a wedding blog that each couple will be able to personalize - say goodbye to those tacky "knot" wedding sites! Occasion dresses will start at $200 and wedding gowns will range from $700-$5000. SOMEONE PINCH ME!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Betty Lou's Nut Butter Balls via ABC

I never blog about nutrition on K&T. Not that I don't think it is extremely important, it's just that I believe in preaching what I practice - which in my case is a daily dose of plain bagel. But I have to admit that having Ashley B. Christie, a best friend who is also a nutritionist, lends itself to gaining knowledge of this topic almost through osmosis. For instance the discovery that was made the other day while at Ikea:

"Do I want a cinnamon bun or slice of pizza?" K&T asked while throwing a bag of frozen Swedish meatballs into an already over stuffed cart.
"Are you serious?" - ABC
"Yes. I'm starving." - K&T
"What you are is disgusting. And not eating either. Try this!" - ABC

And out Ashley B. Christie pulled a Betty Lou Nut Butter Ball from her slouchy leather Prada. Let me tell you - I'm not a fan of any health bars - I've actually never found a single one I could stomach, but the Almond Betty Lou Nut Butter Ball tastes like the filling inside an almond croissant (read: amazing. And please note the carb reference). This is the perfect snack to keep in your desk at the office or even in your bag + they are high in protein and fiber, as well as being gluten free, whatever that means ....

In other related news - be sure to check out Ashley B. Christie's new blog and follow her on twitter!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I'm happy to see that Necklush has been receiving some very well deserved press recently. I'm so in love with this etsy shop - and just etsy in general for that matter! Necklush's are the perfect if you are a solid grey, white, or black T kinda girl like I am. I think that they are bringing such a unique product to market - now if only they would drop their price point by about $20 they'd be golden.

My favorite? The natural with black print (organic)


Things to take away from this photo:

1. My nails have yet to chip. Hooray 2 week gel!

2. I'm wearing a PAYDAY pick that wasn't available online - that amazing grey wrap scarf - therefore I wasn't able to really feature it, but if you want to stop into Anthropologie you should be able to find it. $58

3. The sun is shining and I've switched to iced.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fuji Instax Instant Camera

I'm a sucker for an event; fabulous people, a reason to dress up, open bar, and great gift bags! The Vanity Fair/ USA party on Thursday night was no different - that little blizzard that took place did not stop me - I showed up in 4 inch heels and a backless dress. The whole bottom floor of the IAC building was stacked with models, celebs, and media types - just a small point of reference, Theodora Richards was the dj. But even with all of the evenings excitement, the best part of the night for me was what laid inside each of the 600 gift bags : the new Fuji Instax Mini Camera! I've had this bad boy for 4 days and have already gone through 2 packs of film. I'm obsessed. Check out some of the fun we had with the Fuji Instax Camera on Friday's Snow Day.

"Its like these look so hipster without even trying" - Anonymous

Gotta have one, right?

Fugi Instax Instant Camera $130

MANICure Monday

No MANICure Monday this week. I'm trying that new two week gel. Although I don't have a great new nail color, I can report that my nails look great so far. Here's to hoping it lasts another 7!