Thursday, February 4, 2010

Social Media Week : Non-Society

Last night I attended the "Women in Social Media" panel discussion. Out of all the events this week I was most looking forward to hearing these women speak. Especially Jordan Reid, of life blogging platform Non-Society, and Alexa Hirschfeld, founder of Paperless Post. All of Social Media Week has been so inspiring, but something about hearing intelligent, articulate women discuss the topic I'm most passionate about really makes me feel that I'm apart of something great. In addition to being able to hear these panelist speak, I actually had the opportunity to meet Jordan Reid*. Imagine my surprise when I went to get my daily dose of Domestic Bliss and saw a picture (blurry picture, but a picture) of me with Jordan Reid! I was beyond flattered. If you are reading this because you've been directed here by Non-Society - Welcome, I love having you! Thanks again to Jordan for wanting to be apart of a much larger conversation.

*Full disclosure : This was kinda a huge deal for me. I follow the women of Non-Society daily. When people ask me what I aspire to be the next sentence out of my mouth is always, "Do you know who Julia Allison is?"

So N.S. Ladies, when you're ready for your 4
th - HERE I AM!