Wednesday, February 3, 2010

PRESS: Quoted - Count it!

I was recently interviewed by a member of the Associated Press after being ask to read a social media case study published by the Pew Research Center. It was based on the social media patterns of young adults between the ages of 12-29. A lot of the trends I could have predicted, but some really took me by surprise - Like the fact that people with smart phones are accessing the Internet as much from their hand held devices as they do from their lap-top/desktop. Kinda crazy right? Makes someone who is considering re-designing her site (hint. hint.) want to focus on the way that it will read on a smart phone, just as much and if not more, than someone viewing on a full screen.

Here's my quote:

Head over to CNBC to read the full article:

"Is blogging a slog? Some young people think so."


Island said...

I liked your quote and your idea that blogging will soon become more mobile focused. I think this is true for most online activities.

The one thing the article didn't touch on was the idea of blogging providing a service rather than a personal self expression. Blogging is allot of work and not ideal for everyday self expression or communication.

If blogging is your job or something you really enjoy then it becomes super easy and the value of your blog increases 100 fold.

I've been blogging for over a year now and I have only seen the popularity, followings, and overall unique content get more popular. If your bog provides a service or serves a niche...even better.


√ Abraham Lincoln said...

I am a 75 year old blogger and my wife of 54 years also blogs. I began this Internet journey with websites I made and sold, but they went away because people could not interact with me on them.

It was blogging that opened the world of instant news and views and my relationship with Nature and birds and my third half-cousin, three times removed, President Lincoln. I seldom watch the news anymore as the things I need to know are on the Internet.

I am just underway with a blog about him but have others that interest me and others. I like the crispness of your blog and the writing. I hope your blog don't change too much.

Arax-Rae Van Buren said...

Thank you both for your comments. M - I agree that content needs to be unique and have a niche. I often struggle with the fact that I don't have a focus, and have voiced my concerns on K&T. I have begun to focus mainly on my voice and hope that my direction will follow. Abraham - I love that you and your wife both blog. Thank you for your kind words! I also hope that blogs don't change much!