Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Postcard Inn

Welcome to Postcard Inn from Postcard Inn on Vimeo.

I didn't take much away from my 3 year stint at Arizona State University except for a love of the hotel industry. While in Scottsdale I spent almost all my time at boutique hotels; Whether working at them or staying at them - my life revolved around the hotel industry. One of my favorite experiences was working at the James Hotel, owned by New York based company BR Guest. (Of course I found the only New York owned and operated establishment in the desert.) You will recognize BR Guest from their restaurants in the city; Dos Caminos, Blue Fin, and Vento- just to name a few.

Now Stephen Hanson, founder of BR Guest, is giving boutique hotels another try with The Postcard Inn in St.Pete, Florida. Hanson has partnered with Barry Sternlicht, CEO of Starwood Capital Group, for the boutique hotel they are calling "Howard Johnson meets JetBlue". But the Postcard Inn is more than just another one of Hanson's trendy destinations - with this project he is attracting the masses with the very very low room rate. July - December (Off Season) $99 and January - June (Season) $189, making The Postcard Inn the perfect weekend getaway for all East-Coasters. From what I've read about The Postcard Inn I get the feeling it is what would happen if Montauk's East Deck and The Surf Lodge were to have a love child - otherwise known as my dream come true.

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