Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Serena's Thanksgiving Look

Everyone tune into Monday night's Gossip Girl? I know the show has been really slacking recently, having said that, this week really stepped it up. My favorite part? Serena's Thanksgiving Look. I loved her jumper and adored her hair! After some research I found the jumper online. Turns out it is the Lace - Inset Jumper by Stella McCartney.

Aside from not having the disposable $1,995 lying around, I also don't think my chest is big enough to fill it out. I did, however, find this on Urban Outfitters.

I know this Reformed Rabbit Jumper is really different... but there's lace, it's black, it's a jumper... and $78! A pair of black tights and heels, DONE.

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