Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Obama Blend!

The Holidays are here people! Traveling, parties, housewarming gifts... oh my! What is the perfect house-warming gift you ask? I'm at an age where I don't find it appropriate to be showing up at family- friends houses with a bottle of wine. Call me old fashion... I'm just not there yet. This past weekend I had the privilege of trying Bad Ass Coffee Co.'s Obama Blend and the first thing I thought was, "what a great house warming gift, COFFEE!" Grab a pound of your favorite blend and maybe some monogram mugs from Anthropologie and you are set my friend!

If there isn't a blend you have in mind I highly recommend this Obama blend! Whether you are entering a house of Republicans or Democrats it will be sure to get some laughs! This blend is 30% Kenyan, 30% Kona, and 30% volcanic ("to make it dark and strong"). And it gets better, over the holidays the Obama blend will be selling at the "stimulus price" of $26.95 a pound, $3 off the regular price!

Go to the Bad Ass Coffee Co. site or call 801-265-1182

Coffee was generously provided by Salt Lake City Badass Coffee Co.

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