Monday, December 14, 2009

MANICure Monday's

I think a hatred for Monday's is something shared universally. I don't care who you are, Monday's suck. In order to shine a little light on this day I've decided to institute MANICure Monday's! From this point on every Monday I will be treating myself to a manicure and sharing my color choice here on Kiss and Type! Here is a little forewarning: I have a slight obsession with nail polish, particularly for nail polishes that comes in square bottles... Essie and Chanel only please! As for OPI? The bottle totally freaks me out and I never go near the stuff.

First polish up : Deep Pockets by Essie. This color is actually discontinued, but you still should be able to find it at your local nail place. Deep Pockets is this really great copper color - slight shimmer and perfect for the week before Christmas. I have to admit, this is actually working. I'm undoubtedly happier and already looking forward to next Monday!

Happy MANICure Monday!

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