Tuesday, December 22, 2009

MANICure Monday

Technically it is actually MANICure Tuesday - It is 12:29 and I'm just walking in the door. Is this a sign that there is no time for a manicure in my MANIC Monday? Maybe, but that's not going to stop me from changing the energy in the universe that surrounds this horrid day one manicure at a time.

This being the week of Christmas and all I decided to go with a sparkly red by Essie, Fishnet Stockings. I dig the color, but have a feeling this manicure is ready to chip any second. I have no luck at all when it comes to reds.

Side note/question: Are the pictures of my hands kinda creepy? I'm thinking they are. But maybe after you take 15* pictures of yourself on photo booth you think everything is creepy. Off now to finish googling "what being late says about you". The first thing to pop up was, "Being late says a lot about you, none of which is good". Before I continue reading I wanted to make sure I posted my 29 minute late MANICure Monday entry and pay my credit card bill.

*...ok fine, more like 30 photo booth pictures. All of which I hated and ended up just covering my face all together.

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Rob Hutch said...

Eww, look at that pinky!