Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FINK : Tonight & Tomorrow

If you are a long time K&T reader this will not be the first time that you are hearing of Fink, the amazing singer-songwriter based out of London. Fink has been writing the soundtrack of my life for the past three years now (with a few Tristan Prettyman songs in the mix as well. btw- TP is working on new songs as I type - get ready!). I don't know how I'm just hearing about this now, clearly I'm not the die hard fan I think I am. Regardless of my inability to make either of these shows I figured it was my duty to pass these times along.

TONIGHT (Brooklyn) 12/9 at Union Hall at 7:30 $12

TOMORROW (NYC) 12/10 at Joe's Pub 11:30 $12

I'm crying into my coffee...

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