Thursday, November 12, 2009

The New Male Midlife Crisis

Within the past year all the girls I know (who just months ago were happy being single) have all at some point said, "I want a boyfriend". The majority of my girl friends are living in big cities; They are focused on their careers, their friends, and themselves... but they've all voiced that something is missing from their visibly perfect lives. Girls at 20-something are wired very differently than boys; We aren't looking for the 100% settle down, but we are looking for the 25% settle... something that includes sleep overs, apple picking, weekends away, and Friday night dinners. In contrast, when you ask any of my guys friends what is missing from their lives, girl friend is no where on the list. WHY IS THAT?

Don't worry girls, it's not us... it's them!

Check out an except from "The New Male Midlife Crisis" by Lauren Iannotti about why this generation man is unable to commit.

"Outside the office, these women use their type A careerist energy to become multitasking machines—they run the board of their favorite charities, challenge their men on the ski slopes, have a healthy post-Cosmo attitude toward threesomes, decorate to Martha Stewart's standards, make steak chili on game day, and, while dishing it out, present a solid case for why the Steelers should go for it at fourth and one. The men who love them may be struggling like their dads did in their 40s, but for altogether different reasons: The old midlife crisis was triggered by the pressure and routine of providing for a family that relied on a guy for survival; the new one—which comes before kids, often before marriage—stems from trying to keep up with a woman who may not need him at all."

To read the full article CLICK HERE : The New Male Midlife Crisis

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