Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy (Friday) Wednesday!

The weekend is HERE people! Apologies to all those who have to go into work on Friday and now hate me. Instead of having my iTunes on shuffle as I continue my packing efforts, I've had Hit the Wall by Elizabeth and the Catapult on repeat. Am I the last to know of this Brooklyn based band? Their sound is kinda like if The Bird and the Bee and KT Tunstall were to form a band. Weird, but it works. Elizabeth and the Catapult's debut CD, Taller Children, just released this year. My suggestions? Hit the Wall, Momma's Boy, and Race You.

Check out this video below of them performing Hit the Wall

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cbro said...

I've played them on NEXT. Great cd and I like your ideas about using them when the NEXT Charity Concert Series starts up again.