Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Outings : Queens County Farm

Can you believe this is in Queens? This is a must see to believe.

It may officially be Fall, but the weather we had this Sunday should be a reminder to all that the outdoor activities should not stop. Practicing what I preach, we grabbed a hot drink at 101, hopped on the boat, and sailed out the 5 Mile River and onto the sound on the sunniest of Sundays. Don't have the balls or a boat? Check out Time Out New York's list of fall outing suggestions. My favorite suggestion was for Queen County Farm. I had no idea there was a farm in Queens, not to mention the 3 acre corn maze they have on the property. The maze is only open till November 1st, so go before you miss it! $8 for adults and $5 for kids.

[via Time Out New York via Non-Society]


Kiira Leess said...

I tweeted about this last week! Totally ahead of the TONY curve. Would love to go before the weather gets too chilly. Looks like a fab fall field trip.

Arax-Rae Van Buren said...

A hot tottie or 4? I'm game. Maybe a fun Sunday afternoon to be paired with a warm meal???