Monday, September 14, 2009


In an effort to compete with the simplicity of Twitter, Facebook has just launched a new version of their site, Facebook-lite. I blindly made the switch without any prior knowledge, apparently I'm a sucker for anything with the word "lite" after it. Well played Facebook, well played. Here are the visible changes...

Left: Facebook Right:Facebook-Lite

All of your personal information is removed when viewing a friends main page. Does this mean I can't do an on-the-spot check to see if a guy is lying about being single or really 20 when he claims to be applying to grad school from my phone instantly? I think so (minus). But, I will gladly trade that creeper quality for the addition of comments listed under my tagged photos on my wall (plus).

This is the way the old home page looked like. Top stories in the middle. Suggested friends in the top right corner. Highlights on the right.

Facebook-Lite just has one top story feed down the center. No highlights. Suggested friends not focal and in the top right corner.

And lastly, the new photo and video layout kinda freaks me out. It's not worse, just different. But like all changes with Facebook, within a week you completely forget what the old FB once looked like and go about your stalker ways.

I currently have tabs to both Facebook and Facebook-Lite open, and I can't seem to figure out which I like more. I like the layout of Facebook-Lite when viewing my own profile, but I think I'm still a fan of Facebook-diesel when creeping on others. What are your thoughts? Facebook message me and let me know. Just kidding. (But I'm really not).

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starace said...

Facebook lite is definitely not for stalkers. The lite version removes all applications and is strictly posts, messages, and content posted by you and your immediate friends. You Arax are a facebook power stalker. I'm surprised u even considered the lite version.