Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Google Voice

Let's talk about Google Voice, Google's new call forwarding system. This newly launched system will generate a number for you, and this number will be yours until the end of TIME. You will be able to give your Google Voice number out to whomever you wish, then depending on the caller have that call forwarded to either your cell, work, home, or just straight to voice mail. As to be expected Google Voice comes with some other cool features like the ability to READ your voice mails online. Just like with the start of Gmail, Google Voice is invite only. I am somewhere around the 14 hour mark, patiently waiting for my invite... hoping I can lock down 123- Arax-Rae... take it and die.

Click here to submit for an invitation to Google Voice!


You can now call me at 251-ARAX-RAE

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Riannon said...

Amazing! I need this in my life!! You always bring the best things to my attention.