Monday, August 3, 2009

Cheap Target Bags

I'm a big fan of cheap Target finds. Check out these two bag that are currently being carried at Target. Both styles are made by Hollywood Intuition for Target.

I've been looking for a belt bag (read : a glorified fanny pack) and I actually really like these. I seem to always been the girl on the dance floor with my bag on the ground, under a table, and out of sight somewhere. This was fine when I was toting around cheap bags with cheap contents inside... now that my purse + contents = more than my 401 K, I'm a little hesitant to drop the bag and throw my hands up. These belt bags might just be cute enough to wear around your waist and get away with it.

Hollywood Intuition Belt Bag $19.99

I also really like this Hollywood Intuition Snake Skin Tote. But I would be wrong to not mention that it is an exact replica of the Beirn Jenna Hobo bag. I have yet to see this bag in person so I can't vouch for how it will look face to face, but I love this shape and I'm in a phase where I'm obsessed with all things animal print.

Hollywood Intuition Snake Skin Tote $22.99

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