Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Smart Girls Marry Money

I never think guys read Kiss and Type, so I am always thrilled to hear from my male readers. Today my friend and K&T reader, Scotty, forwarded me an article along with an email, "I read this article online and it made me think of you. Not really you, but rather your blog." LOVE THAT! The CNN.com article, Why marrying for money isn't a bad idea, discusses the topics mentioned in the new book "Smart Girls Marry Money : How Women Have Been Duped Into the Romantic Dream - And How They Are Paying For It," by Elizabeth Ford and Daniela Drake. Clearly, I was unaware of this book when I came up with the K&T Beach Reads. I've never believed in marrying for money, but who knows, maybe this book will change my mind. What has always been more important to me is the person's drive and motivation. When looking for a boyfriend/potential-second-name-on-a-joint-bank-account I am focusing more on whether the person is going to be a solid team player. If both people are ambitious about their careers and their futures then the money will naturally follow.

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Jack said...

That CNN article is ridiculous, just so much silliness.