Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Six-Word Memoirs

I was cruising my guilty pleasure, Non-Society, the other day and came across the topic of Six-Word Memoirs. I guess Julia Allison has been asked to contribute to a book being published of a collection of Six-Word Memoirs, I can't find her post now to save my life which makes me feel like I'm a. crazy b. incompetent and c. really tired. Either way I've become very intrigued by this whole idea. Being a girl of never too few words finding only six to tell the tale of my life is quite the challenge. But after much thought and consideration I have settled on one that I think does the trick. Give some thought to what yours would be... at the very least it is a great ice breaker.

My Six-Word Memoir:

Late with wet hair and coffee

What's yours?

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