Friday, July 24, 2009

Rarities on HSN

Tonight at 10 pm Carol Brodie will be on HSN selling her jewelry line, Rarities. I've never been much of an HSN shopper, but I will follow Brodie where ever she goes. Brodie, who was the publicist for Harry Winston, is notorious in the jewelry industry as the woman who brought diamonds to the red carpet. It is no surprise that her new line, Rarities, is everything a woman would want out of a piece of jewelry (at an affordable price at that!). I had the opportunity to meet Carol Brodie a few weeks ago. Before I was even aware of her new line I had already removed both of her rings from her hand and had found them a new home on my fingers. The beauty of this is, even though they look like one of a kind pieces, they too, can be yours! Not to mention that whole "3 easy payment thing..." kinda dangerous.

You can buy online or tune in tonight.
Perfect activity during your pregame... don't you think?
10 pm on HSN

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