Thursday, July 16, 2009


At this point I have packing for Nantucket down to a science. I'm still confident that I am completely over packing, even though I plan on fitting everything into 1 piece of hard luggage and a Vineyard Vines large tote. Planning around island weather can be a little tricky...always better to be over prepared.

Earlier this week I made sure to make a run to Forever 21 and Vineyard Vines to pick up a few things I needed. Between those 2 stops I am Nantucket ready. The 2 dresses on the end are from F21, polo in the middle from VV.

I also stopped off at H&M and grabbed a fun new top to go with my solid brown and/or black bikini bottoms. I have so many swim suits that I couldn't justify buying another... but just a top... well, that's a different story. I know that the animal print is a little aggressive, but I think it will balance out with the solid bottoms.

And this is what my room currently looks like. Leaving at 8am tomorrow morning and I am still up packing. This is a problem.

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