Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nacho Figueras on Gossip Girl!

Nacho Figueras, Captain of the Black Watch Polo team and face of Ralph Lauren's Polo fragrance, will appear in the season premiere of Gossip Girl. Nacho Figueras and a new Gossip Girl in the same night? What is it, my birthday or something?

Figueras will be playing himself in the episode and had this to say as to why participating in the premiere was important to him,

"First and foremost, I thought it was a great opportunity to promote Polo and my team Black Watch. Second, and most important to my wife, was that I would be able to meet Chuck Bass."

For all you Connecticut K&T readers, they filmed the episode at the Greenwich Polo Club! (shower in it.)

The Gossip Girl premiere airs September 14th! Set your DVR's.

[via: WWD]

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