Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jason's Journey

Today my ex-boyfriend left for a trip around the world. A very bitter sweet moment for me as I'm sure you can imagine. I typically refrain from intertwining my love life onto K&T, but hell, the boy is keeping a blog... have to give the shout out. I do take some of the credit for this trip, I've always been the one to tell him to take off and travel, and he finally is. Oh, and there's this too:

An excerpt from what some call "my secret blog" written back when this trip of his was only an idea:


I received a call from an ex last week. He is the only ex I still talk to and that is only made possible by the entire continent that divides us.

"Cause when its gone, its gone for good, and if you stayed over you know we would, if we could" - FINK.

So I get the call, I screen it. I get a text...

"I'm leaving my job and taking a year off to travel" - Him

"Statement or invitation?"- Me

"Call me."-Him

Now I'm intrigued. If it had been anyone else in my life I would have called bullshit and kept on with my day. But when this particular person makes a statement like that, you call, especially if they ask you to. Once we got the conversation of how he came to this sudden realization out of the way we moved onto the fun part, the so why'da call part? Since this is ex is responsible for 90% of the stamps in my passport I figured his text must be a segue to an invitation, right? Wrong.

"I'm doing things a little different this time...."

And by different he means without me. Ok, so really, why'da call then?

"I was wondering if you could make me a list of places you would want to go, if you could go anywhere?"

Really? What was this, some sort of sick karma for having sold my soul for travel in the past? Then I realized, he's asking because he knows I have a list. He wants to steal my list, that bastard.

Honored and annoyed at the same time, "Got a pen handy?"
As I raddled off my list I could hear his eyes widening, "... maybe grab a boat for the Amalfi coast, hit Turkey while you are over there, oh, I've always wanted to go to that tomato throwing thing in Italy, Canary Islands, Barcelona, French Rivera, Dubai for New Years, back to Thailand for sure, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Fiji, Tahiti, Bali, Brazil for Carnival... "

On the other end I hear him, "uh huh... uh huh," just trying to keep up. Its hard for him though because I'm overly prepared for this type of question. I've spent countless hours on the floor at Barnes and Noble sprawled out with travel guides. I have googled every place of interest possible. Condenast Traveler = my bible. All thing he knows, which is why he called. And since we've traveled together so much he knows my travel style, when he suggested Europe, I suggested S.E. Asia. He knew he would love my list. So he called for it, and I couldn't say no. Now he has my list. And I'm left soul-less and list-less, and I'm pissed he has both, really really pissed.

So that's the story... and here's his final "list", well, actually my list. And, well, I'll just be waiting patiently for the fed-ex envelope containing my plane ticket that I know he won't send, because like he said just hours ago from the PHX Sky Harbor airport, "It's just the principal."

To follow Jason on his journey around the world (again, this time without me) to go Jay's Journey.com

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