Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gifts to Nantucket

Lux and I begin our drive to Hyannis. I forgot my jewelry. We turn around. Lux and I begin our drive to Hyannis. He forgot his i-pod. We turn around. Lux and I begin our drive to Hyannis. Stop for lobster rolls and fried clams. Meet CK Angel. Last car on the ferry with less than 3 minutes to spare. Quick couple of hours. Get to the island. Pick up the A2 and A3 Angel at the airport. Tom Nevers, “We’re Here”. Best. House. Yet. Pick up A4 Angel at the airport. COMPLETE. The girls are back on the island. Open the first of numerous bottles of champagne. We don’t eat dinner. Dance on kitchen counters, dance on the deck, dance in the living, just “DANCE”. Discuss 6 word memoirs; “Cracked out, Blacked out, in Love”. Tipsy before we leave. Have to be put into a cab to the Straight Wharf. 1,2,3, NCHS sightings. Have to be put into a cab back to Arlington. Wake up in bed with A2. Angel. My first night is always the most aggressive. Must learn: Can not keep up with A. A. A. & CK. Angel. “Good morning, Angels”. “Good morning, Charlie”. NOBADEER. Jump in the waves. Gucci sunglasses, the first gift to Nantucket. Vampires, Kings, and Peppers on repeat. Make a feast. Eat with our hands. Break 3 glasses. Dance party. Go to Straight Wharf again. Straight Wharf for life. “Are you Anna Healy?”. Dance on the tables. Get kicked off by one of the 8 bouncers. Straight Wharf extra virgin olive oil, please. Back to 26 Arlington. Diamond, second gift to Nantucket. Call over the Boys of Beverly. MJ dance party. Crip Walk dance off. Limbo contest. Why don’t I have any party tricks? Send ‘em down! Wake up with CK Angel. Over cast day. Make large to-go’s for town. Sit on the porch at Gypsy drink a bloody while A3 Angel models. “Missoni is one hell of a drug”. Tacos Tacos. Meet Sam Bove. Decided I’m going to board his sailboat in the fall. Back to 26 Arlington. Get ready for the Summer Soiree at the Whaling Museum. Pictures at DW’s. Nostalgic for Opera House. Love boys in whales. Head to the Museum. Shortly after our arrival there are “chaperons enforced”. Dance to save the Whales. Then to the Chicken Box. Spotted: High School style on the dance floor. Crazy girls dancing picture. Party bus back to DW’s. Vintage wall paper, doors that don’t lock, and dance parties galore. Integrity, third gift to Nantucket. Cab back to Tom Nevers. Stop off at Beverly. Walk back to Arlington. Black out. Wake up in the breakfast nook. Look at last nights pictures, so happy I cry. Large ice coffees. “How many of us are there?” 6 Bottles of champagne and a cooler full of beer. Back to Nobadeer. Pop bottles. Make a scene. Take my walk. Shower in champagne on the beach. Dune pictures. Stay till early evening. Pick up more champagne. Get ready for dinner at the Galley. Debate the kind of people that order lobster at restaurants. Show up 45 minutes late to our reservation. “Son, whatever it is that you are doing, you better keep doing it.” Dirty martinis all around. Chowder. Lobster in truffle butter, I’m one of those people. Talk about our life-style choices, “Will we ever be the marrying kind?” Back to the Straight Wharf. See a bride, calms my nerves, realize I’m nowhere near done having fun. Crawl into bed with A2 Angel. “Good night, Angels”. “Good night, Charlie”. Pack. Something Natural. Try to convince the girls we should all get the small Something Natural tattoos on our butts. Turkey, bacon, lettuce, avocado, mayo, sprouts, provolone, on whole wheat. Sandwich is so good, maybe I’ll just get the tattoo alone. Decide to just get a sticker for my laptop instead. Drink the last bottle of champagne back at the house. Realize that I’ve made Nantucket my place. Realize that there is nowhere else I would rather be. Cry when we drop the first group of Angels off at the airport. Ferry back to mainland. Talk about album titles. Talk about our gifts to Nantucket. Reach mainland. Say good-bye to the rest of the Angels. Listen to Vampire Weekend the whole way home. Close my eyes and pretend to be back on Nobadeer. Think about this trip and realize that my Nantucket memories are what get me through my year. Realize how lucky I am for my friends. Realize how lucky I am for the life I have. Realize how lucky I am to have Nantucket.

Gucci sunglasses, diamonds, and integrity…all small prices to pay for the Gift of Nantucket.

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