Monday, July 27, 2009

Galley Beach, Nantucket

After a few nights of liquid dinner on Nantucket we were ready to watch a sunset, relax, and have a great meal. We choose The Galley Beach restaurant since it boasts being on the few dining options on physically located on the beach. All the tenants of "We're Here" were looking forward to Sunday night dining while we watched the sunset, unfortunately we were 45 minutes late for the sunset, as well as our reservation. Luckily they were still able to accommodate us in what seemed like a pretty lively and packed restaurant for late Sunday evening. It took them a few minutes longer (read: a few 20 minutes longer) than it should have to get our table of 6 together. Once seated it took an addition 20 minutes to get a wine list as well as our drink order in. Half the table ordered a bottle of red, recommended by the wine host, which they loved. The other half (self included) ordered dirty martinis. The marts didn't come dirty at all, which was fine for me because I drink my "down on the rocks", but a slight problem for the girls who drink them "up". Post drink order the service began to pick up. Appetizer portions were small, I ordered the New England Clam Chowder ($14) with applewood smoked bacon and yukon gold potatoes, which I loved. A few others at the table ordered it as well, some said there was too much bacon. I subscribe to a more bacon the better theory, so I was all smiles. For my main I ordered their 2LB. Truffle-Butter Poached Lobster (mkt, which ended up being $57) with honshimeji mushrooms, English peas, and sweet corn. It came lazy man style and was incredible, which it should have been for the price. After dinner we sat, drank, talked and cried for an additional hour just taking in the last bit of Nantucket. I thought that the food was great, slightly over priced for portion size and quality of service. I would, however, recommend this spot for a before dinner cocktail... grab a drink, shoot some oysters, watch a sunset... see you there.

The Galley Beach
54 Jefferson Ave

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