Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'm leaving for Chicago tomorrow at 11:30am and I'm still up trying to finish packing. Packing for this trip is a little harder than expected just because when I get home I'm literally turning around 24 hours later and leaving for Nantucket. Luxury problem, I know. But still a problem.

So here's the agenda....

Welcome party/cocktails/dinner on Thursday
Rehearsal dinner Friday
Wedding Saturday
Brunch Sunday
(?) Monday

As of this moment the round up looks something like... Anthro navy and orange butterfly dress, Tracey Reese strapless, F21 miracle, white linen shorts & Anna Sui blouse, and maybe some ripped up jean shorts and sheer white t's.

Then on Wednesday I leave for ACK. Serious strategy is going into this because I can't bring anything to Chicago that I would want to wear in Nantucket... the horror of being photographed in the same dress within the same week! Its simply unthinkable!

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spanky* said...

omg, nantucket is probably one of my fav if not my fav place ever. where are you staying? how long you going for?

can't wait to hear about it.
go to the little boho shoppe w/ the low door (watch your head!) i'm sure that you've been there before but it's my fav shoppe. Also, think of me when you go to pick up the paper at The Hub (i like to pretend it's named after me.. HUBbell!)