Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Carrie Dunham Give Away WINNER!

Last months give away was for a Carrie Dunham laptop bag! The contest asked for funny facebook story. Meghan from CT won! Congrats Meg!!

Here's her Facebook story:

"I am notorious in various social circles, my own and otherwise, as being a self-destructive hurricane in relationships. This proved to be quite true with my almost six year relationship with my first love. I began to need more. So I strayed. With my mister. He came into my life, burst into my life, and I caved and eventually fell for him. Thing is, he lived with his girlfriend. His doting, boring, Kohls-wearing girlfriend. She was innocent and I tore her poor world apart. She didn't deserve it. And so when my mister and I finally started to truly date after pitifully tormenting our significant others for a while, I would, naturally, facebook stalk her. Every single day. For months. Fast forward to the Obama election. Let's call her "Jane". So Jane posted her Facebook status message as this official link that showed her support for Obama. It said to click on this link to also show YOUR support for Obama. So I did. And five minutes later, I get an email from Facebook saying that I officially sent Jane "mad props" for voting for Obama and a thank you note from me, Meghan, personally, for affecting my life. She received this. And thus proceeded to revoke her post, text my mister that she didn't understand my twisted sense of humor, and to ask me to never look at her page again. And I agreed and admitted my mistake. But I still facebook stalk her. Every single day."

Thanks to all those who submitted their stories. I got a ton of laughs! A special thanks to Carrie Hubbell of Carrie Dunham.

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