Wednesday, July 8, 2009

As Good As It's Guests : Summer Soiree

Us bloggers, we like to stick together. So when I got an email from As Good As It's Guests blogger, Jessi Marquez, I was more than willing to help promote her event this Friday. I figured summer night, Hudson Terrace, great guest list... it didn't really even matter to me what the cause was, but then I clicked the link to 4LOVE and this became much more than another open bar. This Fridays event is in honor of Jessi's cousin and best friend, Jana Lee Piccola, who passed away this November from Leukemia. After reading the personal story of a girl my age who died battling this disease it really made it hit home. I am unable to make the event, so I expect all the K&T readers to go in my place and show your support, as a girl, as a cousin, as a friend.

Click here to purchase your ticket to this Friday nights event!

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