Friday, July 31, 2009

That Old Feelin'

They're back! This Saturday, August 1, That Old Feelin' will be playing the legendary Bitter End. They rocked 169 Bar last time they played NYC. I can't wait to see their performance this time! Just one request, "Only One", please?

That Old Feelin'

Bitter End
147 Bleecker Street
9 pm


Certain purchases should be treated as investments. A leather jacket is one of those purchases. I've been in the market for a simple black leather jacket and this one seems to fit the bill. What has really sold me are the zipper on the sleeves. This jacket looks timeless and is at a really reasonable price.

Washed Leather Racer Jacket

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Autumn Cashmere

Autumn Cashmere
is my new obsession. I was in Togs in New Canaan this afternoon and fell IN LOVE with this amazing cashmere no closure long cardigan. As soon as I can justify dropping close to $400 on a sweater it will be mine. Autumn Cashmere sweaters are so lightweight and comfortable I could have just fallen asleep in the store. Check out their fall and winter 2009 collections.

Also available at :

745 5TH AVE
NEW YORK, NY 10019



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quote of the Day : Mary-Kate Olsen

"When I get dressed, I think of it as dress-up time, like the clothes are costume pieces. That's why I like vintage-it has a story behind it. I'm not afraid of walking down the street in something that people think is crazy. What I can't stand is looking like everybody else."
- Mary-Kate Olsen

Lily Allen for Chanel

Monday, July 27, 2009

Jimmy Jimmy CoCo in NYC

Celebrity Tanner, Jimmy Jimmy CoCo, is here in NYC tanning a select few this week! You can normally find Jimmy Jimmy CoCo out in LA tanning everyone from Eva Longoria-Parker to Victoria Beckham, but he has been in such high demand that he is going to begin spending one week a month in NYC (LUCKY US!). It is around this time in the summer that I start to really think about the potential damage I am doing to my skin, I think a switch to spray tan would probably do me some good.

To make your appointment with Jimmy CoCo while he is here:

Email :

Dangene McKay Bailey's office
629 Park Ave.

K&T Summer Play List

This is by no means a mix compiled of all the latest trendy music out there, it's merely just what I've been listening to this summer. Hope you love it.


Quote of the Day: Katy Perry

This months Elle was their Women in Music issue. The issue included cover girl Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga... just to name a few. Katy Perry, who claimed to "still be trying things out" had this to say about the new Kings of Leon record that I can't seem to get off repeat:

"Dammit, everybody is talking about Kings of Leon and how Only By the Night is the best record to have sex to. It's so true."

Thank you, Katy Perry.

Galley Beach, Nantucket

After a few nights of liquid dinner on Nantucket we were ready to watch a sunset, relax, and have a great meal. We choose The Galley Beach restaurant since it boasts being on the few dining options on physically located on the beach. All the tenants of "We're Here" were looking forward to Sunday night dining while we watched the sunset, unfortunately we were 45 minutes late for the sunset, as well as our reservation. Luckily they were still able to accommodate us in what seemed like a pretty lively and packed restaurant for late Sunday evening. It took them a few minutes longer (read: a few 20 minutes longer) than it should have to get our table of 6 together. Once seated it took an addition 20 minutes to get a wine list as well as our drink order in. Half the table ordered a bottle of red, recommended by the wine host, which they loved. The other half (self included) ordered dirty martinis. The marts didn't come dirty at all, which was fine for me because I drink my "down on the rocks", but a slight problem for the girls who drink them "up". Post drink order the service began to pick up. Appetizer portions were small, I ordered the New England Clam Chowder ($14) with applewood smoked bacon and yukon gold potatoes, which I loved. A few others at the table ordered it as well, some said there was too much bacon. I subscribe to a more bacon the better theory, so I was all smiles. For my main I ordered their 2LB. Truffle-Butter Poached Lobster (mkt, which ended up being $57) with honshimeji mushrooms, English peas, and sweet corn. It came lazy man style and was incredible, which it should have been for the price. After dinner we sat, drank, talked and cried for an additional hour just taking in the last bit of Nantucket. I thought that the food was great, slightly over priced for portion size and quality of service. I would, however, recommend this spot for a before dinner cocktail... grab a drink, shoot some oysters, watch a sunset... see you there.

The Galley Beach
54 Jefferson Ave

Thank You Kentucky!

Since the start of Kiss and Type, I've received the most viewers from New York, Connecticut, California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, in that order. Every once in awhile the order will change depending on the topic or my travels, but for the most part it is fairly consistent. As of this past weekend interestingly enough Kentucky has locked down the #5 spot, bumping New Jersey. Kentucky, I've never been there but I love it already!

Kentucky Kiss and Type readers: I don't know who you are, I don't know where you came from, but I love you! And Thank You! Special thanks to readers of Jefferson County, Louisville, and Lexington.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dating 2.0

Julia on MTV's It's On with Alexa Chung from Julia Allison on Vimeo.

Check out Julia Allison on the Alex Chung show talking about my favorite topic... FACEBOOK and dating.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Rarities on HSN

Tonight at 10 pm Carol Brodie will be on HSN selling her jewelry line, Rarities. I've never been much of an HSN shopper, but I will follow Brodie where ever she goes. Brodie, who was the publicist for Harry Winston, is notorious in the jewelry industry as the woman who brought diamonds to the red carpet. It is no surprise that her new line, Rarities, is everything a woman would want out of a piece of jewelry (at an affordable price at that!). I had the opportunity to meet Carol Brodie a few weeks ago. Before I was even aware of her new line I had already removed both of her rings from her hand and had found them a new home on my fingers. The beauty of this is, even though they look like one of a kind pieces, they too, can be yours! Not to mention that whole "3 easy payment thing..." kinda dangerous.

You can buy online or tune in tonight.
Perfect activity during your pregame... don't you think?
10 pm on HSN

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Carrie Dunham Give Away WINNER!

Last months give away was for a Carrie Dunham laptop bag! The contest asked for funny facebook story. Meghan from CT won! Congrats Meg!!

Here's her Facebook story:

"I am notorious in various social circles, my own and otherwise, as being a self-destructive hurricane in relationships. This proved to be quite true with my almost six year relationship with my first love. I began to need more. So I strayed. With my mister. He came into my life, burst into my life, and I caved and eventually fell for him. Thing is, he lived with his girlfriend. His doting, boring, Kohls-wearing girlfriend. She was innocent and I tore her poor world apart. She didn't deserve it. And so when my mister and I finally started to truly date after pitifully tormenting our significant others for a while, I would, naturally, facebook stalk her. Every single day. For months. Fast forward to the Obama election. Let's call her "Jane". So Jane posted her Facebook status message as this official link that showed her support for Obama. It said to click on this link to also show YOUR support for Obama. So I did. And five minutes later, I get an email from Facebook saying that I officially sent Jane "mad props" for voting for Obama and a thank you note from me, Meghan, personally, for affecting my life. She received this. And thus proceeded to revoke her post, text my mister that she didn't understand my twisted sense of humor, and to ask me to never look at her page again. And I agreed and admitted my mistake. But I still facebook stalk her. Every single day."

Thanks to all those who submitted their stories. I got a ton of laughs! A special thanks to Carrie Hubbell of Carrie Dunham.

Vineyard Vines Scallops Straw Hat

The real star of the Nantucket trip was my Vineyard Vines Scallop Straw Hat. It was being worn by someone every second of the trip. I am now confident I can't live without it.

Scallop Straw Hat $65

Gifts to Nantucket

Lux and I begin our drive to Hyannis. I forgot my jewelry. We turn around. Lux and I begin our drive to Hyannis. He forgot his i-pod. We turn around. Lux and I begin our drive to Hyannis. Stop for lobster rolls and fried clams. Meet CK Angel. Last car on the ferry with less than 3 minutes to spare. Quick couple of hours. Get to the island. Pick up the A2 and A3 Angel at the airport. Tom Nevers, “We’re Here”. Best. House. Yet. Pick up A4 Angel at the airport. COMPLETE. The girls are back on the island. Open the first of numerous bottles of champagne. We don’t eat dinner. Dance on kitchen counters, dance on the deck, dance in the living, just “DANCE”. Discuss 6 word memoirs; “Cracked out, Blacked out, in Love”. Tipsy before we leave. Have to be put into a cab to the Straight Wharf. 1,2,3, NCHS sightings. Have to be put into a cab back to Arlington. Wake up in bed with A2. Angel. My first night is always the most aggressive. Must learn: Can not keep up with A. A. A. & CK. Angel. “Good morning, Angels”. “Good morning, Charlie”. NOBADEER. Jump in the waves. Gucci sunglasses, the first gift to Nantucket. Vampires, Kings, and Peppers on repeat. Make a feast. Eat with our hands. Break 3 glasses. Dance party. Go to Straight Wharf again. Straight Wharf for life. “Are you Anna Healy?”. Dance on the tables. Get kicked off by one of the 8 bouncers. Straight Wharf extra virgin olive oil, please. Back to 26 Arlington. Diamond, second gift to Nantucket. Call over the Boys of Beverly. MJ dance party. Crip Walk dance off. Limbo contest. Why don’t I have any party tricks? Send ‘em down! Wake up with CK Angel. Over cast day. Make large to-go’s for town. Sit on the porch at Gypsy drink a bloody while A3 Angel models. “Missoni is one hell of a drug”. Tacos Tacos. Meet Sam Bove. Decided I’m going to board his sailboat in the fall. Back to 26 Arlington. Get ready for the Summer Soiree at the Whaling Museum. Pictures at DW’s. Nostalgic for Opera House. Love boys in whales. Head to the Museum. Shortly after our arrival there are “chaperons enforced”. Dance to save the Whales. Then to the Chicken Box. Spotted: High School style on the dance floor. Crazy girls dancing picture. Party bus back to DW’s. Vintage wall paper, doors that don’t lock, and dance parties galore. Integrity, third gift to Nantucket. Cab back to Tom Nevers. Stop off at Beverly. Walk back to Arlington. Black out. Wake up in the breakfast nook. Look at last nights pictures, so happy I cry. Large ice coffees. “How many of us are there?” 6 Bottles of champagne and a cooler full of beer. Back to Nobadeer. Pop bottles. Make a scene. Take my walk. Shower in champagne on the beach. Dune pictures. Stay till early evening. Pick up more champagne. Get ready for dinner at the Galley. Debate the kind of people that order lobster at restaurants. Show up 45 minutes late to our reservation. “Son, whatever it is that you are doing, you better keep doing it.” Dirty martinis all around. Chowder. Lobster in truffle butter, I’m one of those people. Talk about our life-style choices, “Will we ever be the marrying kind?” Back to the Straight Wharf. See a bride, calms my nerves, realize I’m nowhere near done having fun. Crawl into bed with A2 Angel. “Good night, Angels”. “Good night, Charlie”. Pack. Something Natural. Try to convince the girls we should all get the small Something Natural tattoos on our butts. Turkey, bacon, lettuce, avocado, mayo, sprouts, provolone, on whole wheat. Sandwich is so good, maybe I’ll just get the tattoo alone. Decide to just get a sticker for my laptop instead. Drink the last bottle of champagne back at the house. Realize that I’ve made Nantucket my place. Realize that there is nowhere else I would rather be. Cry when we drop the first group of Angels off at the airport. Ferry back to mainland. Talk about album titles. Talk about our gifts to Nantucket. Reach mainland. Say good-bye to the rest of the Angels. Listen to Vampire Weekend the whole way home. Close my eyes and pretend to be back on Nobadeer. Think about this trip and realize that my Nantucket memories are what get me through my year. Realize how lucky I am for my friends. Realize how lucky I am for the life I have. Realize how lucky I am to have Nantucket.

Gucci sunglasses, diamonds, and integrity…all small prices to pay for the Gift of Nantucket.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I just walked in the door from Nantucket. My week spent in Nantucket never fails to be the best week of my year. There will be more to come later, but for now I just wanted to post these two pictures. One is from Summer 2007 and the other is from this past week. When I woke up the other morning and powered up the camera to relive the night, I came across this years picture and actually started to cry (I have numerous witnesses to prove it). It brought me back to the summer of 24 Daffodil and just really made me realize how important my friends and Nantucket (& the BOX) are to me... I know... so cheesy, but so true.

Summer 2007

Summer 2009


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good-bye mainland! Off to NANTUCKET!

For updates on what I'm doing while on the island follow me on Twitter!


Anthropologie's new Tailored Tee is everything I've ever wanted from a shirt and at an amazing price point. I want to own this in every one of these colors. The top is made by Velvet, jersey knit, machine wash...perfection.

Tailored Tee $58


At this point I have packing for Nantucket down to a science. I'm still confident that I am completely over packing, even though I plan on fitting everything into 1 piece of hard luggage and a Vineyard Vines large tote. Planning around island weather can be a little tricky...always better to be over prepared.

Earlier this week I made sure to make a run to Forever 21 and Vineyard Vines to pick up a few things I needed. Between those 2 stops I am Nantucket ready. The 2 dresses on the end are from F21, polo in the middle from VV.

I also stopped off at H&M and grabbed a fun new top to go with my solid brown and/or black bikini bottoms. I have so many swim suits that I couldn't justify buying another... but just a top... well, that's a different story. I know that the animal print is a little aggressive, but I think it will balance out with the solid bottoms.

And this is what my room currently looks like. Leaving at 8am tomorrow morning and I am still up packing. This is a problem.


Ah. I'm leaving for Nantucket in 4 hrs and I still haven't put up any pictures from Chicago. Clearly this week has been a little hectic. But better late than never!


Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad did a little social experiment for next month's issue of Harper's Bizaar by wearing a brunette wig in public and seeing how the masses would react. She said she think that she looks like a "plain-jane"... to be honest, I love it on her. Very Jacki-O.

What do you think?

Nacho Figueras on Gossip Girl!

Nacho Figueras, Captain of the Black Watch Polo team and face of Ralph Lauren's Polo fragrance, will appear in the season premiere of Gossip Girl. Nacho Figueras and a new Gossip Girl in the same night? What is it, my birthday or something?

Figueras will be playing himself in the episode and had this to say as to why participating in the premiere was important to him,

"First and foremost, I thought it was a great opportunity to promote Polo and my team Black Watch. Second, and most important to my wife, was that I would be able to meet Chuck Bass."

For all you Connecticut K&T readers, they filmed the episode at the Greenwich Polo Club! (shower in it.)

The Gossip Girl premiere airs September 14th! Set your DVR's.

[via: WWD]

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New York Times : Blogger Article

I read a really interesting article in the NY Times the other day on how "gift giving" effects blogs. The article, Approval by a Blogger May Please a Sponsor, was really more about the future regulations and a code of journalistic ethics that are going to be in place for bloggers. Here is my opinion on the subject ... Do I receive free stuff? Yes, all the time. Do I always give positive feed back on every product? No. Case and point, the free Toy Watch I received a couple of months back. And bloggers aren't the only ones accepting free products for posts. I've spent enough time in the PR world to know that there is not a single placement in any publication without some serious gifting involved... a kick back? No, just a perk of the industry. How are people supposed to make an informed decision without actually having the product in front of them? A high-res image can only go so far. But I do believe that when a blogger is receiving monetary compensation that it no longer becomes a gift, it becomes advertisement, and that needs to be noted. So going forward any sponsored posts will be labeled with a [sp] at the end.

And as for the free products? Keep 'em coming.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jason's Journey

Today my ex-boyfriend left for a trip around the world. A very bitter sweet moment for me as I'm sure you can imagine. I typically refrain from intertwining my love life onto K&T, but hell, the boy is keeping a blog... have to give the shout out. I do take some of the credit for this trip, I've always been the one to tell him to take off and travel, and he finally is. Oh, and there's this too:

An excerpt from what some call "my secret blog" written back when this trip of his was only an idea:


I received a call from an ex last week. He is the only ex I still talk to and that is only made possible by the entire continent that divides us.

"Cause when its gone, its gone for good, and if you stayed over you know we would, if we could" - FINK.

So I get the call, I screen it. I get a text...

"I'm leaving my job and taking a year off to travel" - Him

"Statement or invitation?"- Me

"Call me."-Him

Now I'm intrigued. If it had been anyone else in my life I would have called bullshit and kept on with my day. But when this particular person makes a statement like that, you call, especially if they ask you to. Once we got the conversation of how he came to this sudden realization out of the way we moved onto the fun part, the so why'da call part? Since this is ex is responsible for 90% of the stamps in my passport I figured his text must be a segue to an invitation, right? Wrong.

"I'm doing things a little different this time...."

And by different he means without me. Ok, so really, why'da call then?

"I was wondering if you could make me a list of places you would want to go, if you could go anywhere?"

Really? What was this, some sort of sick karma for having sold my soul for travel in the past? Then I realized, he's asking because he knows I have a list. He wants to steal my list, that bastard.

Honored and annoyed at the same time, "Got a pen handy?"
As I raddled off my list I could hear his eyes widening, "... maybe grab a boat for the Amalfi coast, hit Turkey while you are over there, oh, I've always wanted to go to that tomato throwing thing in Italy, Canary Islands, Barcelona, French Rivera, Dubai for New Years, back to Thailand for sure, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Fiji, Tahiti, Bali, Brazil for Carnival... "

On the other end I hear him, "uh huh... uh huh," just trying to keep up. Its hard for him though because I'm overly prepared for this type of question. I've spent countless hours on the floor at Barnes and Noble sprawled out with travel guides. I have googled every place of interest possible. Condenast Traveler = my bible. All thing he knows, which is why he called. And since we've traveled together so much he knows my travel style, when he suggested Europe, I suggested S.E. Asia. He knew he would love my list. So he called for it, and I couldn't say no. Now he has my list. And I'm left soul-less and list-less, and I'm pissed he has both, really really pissed.

So that's the story... and here's his final "list", well, actually my list. And, well, I'll just be waiting patiently for the fed-ex envelope containing my plane ticket that I know he won't send, because like he said just hours ago from the PHX Sky Harbor airport, "It's just the principal."

To follow Jason on his journey around the world (again, this time without me) to go Jay's

Six-Word Memoirs

I was cruising my guilty pleasure, Non-Society, the other day and came across the topic of Six-Word Memoirs. I guess Julia Allison has been asked to contribute to a book being published of a collection of Six-Word Memoirs, I can't find her post now to save my life which makes me feel like I'm a. crazy b. incompetent and c. really tired. Either way I've become very intrigued by this whole idea. Being a girl of never too few words finding only six to tell the tale of my life is quite the challenge. But after much thought and consideration I have settled on one that I think does the trick. Give some thought to what yours would be... at the very least it is a great ice breaker.

My Six-Word Memoir:

Late with wet hair and coffee

What's yours?

Quicksilver Women

I had no idea that Quicksilver was still doing a woman's line. I was under the impression that ROXY was the home for all things surfer girl, well I was seriously misinformed. After taking a look at some images from their Summer and Fall lines and it was love at a great price point. The shining star is this Masai Dress. The collections are small, but its quality not quantity right?

Masai Dress $78

Quicksilver Women

The LOLA Gallery Opening

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm back

Just landed from Chicago and already I'm back to work! Here is a picture of me stressing out at the American Airlines admirals club. Stay tuned...I've got a ton of stuff coming your way!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sun Kissed in South Hampton

I've teamed up with for a column called Sun Kissed in South Hampton! I'm really excited to work with them and get back out to the Hamptons. Sun Kissed in South Hampton will be an insiders guide to parties, clubs, and restaurants in the Hamptons all while reflecting on my childhood summers spent in Montauk.

Check out my first article!
Sun Kissed in South Hampton : The New Montauk?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Last time I was in Chicago...

The last time I was in Chicago was actually for a wedding as well. A wedding I almost didn't make it to. If you are wondering what that gang symbol is we are doing with our hands, we are "throwing" A's & W's for Aimee's Wedding... get it?


I'm leaving for Chicago tomorrow at 11:30am and I'm still up trying to finish packing. Packing for this trip is a little harder than expected just because when I get home I'm literally turning around 24 hours later and leaving for Nantucket. Luxury problem, I know. But still a problem.

So here's the agenda....

Welcome party/cocktails/dinner on Thursday
Rehearsal dinner Friday
Wedding Saturday
Brunch Sunday
(?) Monday

As of this moment the round up looks something like... Anthro navy and orange butterfly dress, Tracey Reese strapless, F21 miracle, white linen shorts & Anna Sui blouse, and maybe some ripped up jean shorts and sheer white t's.

Then on Wednesday I leave for ACK. Serious strategy is going into this because I can't bring anything to Chicago that I would want to wear in Nantucket... the horror of being photographed in the same dress within the same week! Its simply unthinkable!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

As Good As It's Guests : Summer Soiree

Us bloggers, we like to stick together. So when I got an email from As Good As It's Guests blogger, Jessi Marquez, I was more than willing to help promote her event this Friday. I figured summer night, Hudson Terrace, great guest list... it didn't really even matter to me what the cause was, but then I clicked the link to 4LOVE and this became much more than another open bar. This Fridays event is in honor of Jessi's cousin and best friend, Jana Lee Piccola, who passed away this November from Leukemia. After reading the personal story of a girl my age who died battling this disease it really made it hit home. I am unable to make the event, so I expect all the K&T readers to go in my place and show your support, as a girl, as a cousin, as a friend.

Click here to purchase your ticket to this Friday nights event!