Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have been receiving a ton of feedback from The Today Show spot that aired this morning (THANK YOU!). I plan on addressing all of it, but first I want to answer your questions about the couch I was sitting on. Truth is, it's not a couch at all. The SlouchBack is a brand new item on the market designed to to turn your bed into a three person seating area in 30 seconds. When the producer called to say that they were going to be filming in my "home office" at my Westport, CT beach house, my first thought was "home office"? My second was SlouchBack. I needed something to turn my sleeping area into a space that would be comfortable for company, and quickly at that! Thankfully, the dangerously handsome men of SlouchBack dropped off a prototype for me to use during the interview! The SB was originally designed as college dorm room furniture, but I think it serves a purpose for anyone who is living in a small apartment or spends a lot of time relaxing in their room like me. I mean, why blog sitting up, when you can blog Slouching Back, right? There are plenty of uses for the SlouchBack, trust me, I've been asked to try all of them, but check out the site and I'm sure you can figure some out on your own...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, sweet, that's me in that photo you got there! Go slouchback ;)