Friday, June 5, 2009

K&T Beach Reads

Bought: A Novel by Anna David

Tired of gathering banal quotes from the B-list on the sidelines of the red carpet, Emma Swanson publicly yearns for a more substantial career but privately dreams of a hotshot boyfriend to transport her into the beating heart of the Hollywood scene. Instead, she meets Jessica—beautiful, cavalier, manipulative—who shamelessly trades sex for the gifts it can bring. Convinced that writing a story about Jessica and her ilk would seriously boost her journalistic cred, Emma soon finds herself sucked into a world where the luxuries of prettied-up prostitution may cost more than she ever expected.

I Was Told There'd be Cake: Essays by Sloane Crosley

From accidentally despoiling an exhibit at the Museum of Natural History to siccing the cops on the wrong neighbor, Sloane Crosley can do no right, despite the best of intentions—or perhaps because of them. In a sharp, original storytelling style that confounds expectations at every turn, Crosley recounts her victories and catastrophes in an irresistible voice that is all her own, finding genuine insights in the most unpredictable places.

Trail of Crumbs : Memoir by Kim Sunée

When Kim Sunée was three years old, her mother took her to a marketplace, deposited her on a bench with a fistful of food, and promised she'd be right back. Three days later a policeman took the little girl, clutching what was now only a fistful of crumbs, to a police station and told her that she'd been abandoned by her mother. Fast-forward almost 20 years and Kim's life is unrecognizable. Adopted by a young
New Orleans couple, she spends her youth as one of only two Asian children in her entire community. At the age of 21, she becomes involved with a famous French businessman and suddenly finds herself living in France, mistress over his houses in Provence and Paris, and stepmother to his eight year-old daughter. Kim takes readers on a lyrical journey from Korea to New Orleans to Paris and Provence, along the way serving forth her favorite recipes. A love story at heart, this memoir is about the search for identity and a book that will appeal to anyone who is passionate about love, food, travel, and the ultimate search for self.

Wuthering Heights : A classic by Emily Bronte

I actually know nothing about this book. What I do know is that Ed Westwick has signed on to play Heathcliff in the new big screen adaptation. What more do you need to know? I will picture Chuck Bass with every line.


Swift Lizzie said...


Wuthering Heights is a must-read. Ed will be divine as Heathcliff, I promise you.

Whatever you do, don't watch the black and white film adaptation of the book. The acting is horrifying.


Stephanie said...

Another fun yet sophisticated beach read is the novel "Secrets To Happiness" by Sarah Dunn. Amazing! Verrrry well written, clever, and makes you laugh out loud. Not your typical chick lit.

From "Booklist":
"Holly Frick is smart and sassy, loyal and dedicated. All the qualities a woman could want in a girlfriend, but not the ones that seem to resonate with men, if her roster of failed relationships is any indicator. Dunn displays a rapier wit; a perfectly nuanced gift for savvy dialogue; and an endearing moral compass, which she uses to great advantage as she blithely navigates the fraught and fatuous world of trendy New York’s treacherous dating scene."

A must read! :)