Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gilt Groupe

I had a Kiss and Type reader contact me today, expressing her gratitude for the amazing customer service she received while shopping with Gilt Groupe. It's always great to know that not only is a product great, but so is the service.

Here's what she wrote:
"Their customer service is awesome. I ordered a little geren ford dress that UPS lost. They refunded my credit card in full (no questions asked) and gave me a 40 dollar gilt group credit towards my next purchase. Awesome."

So go ahead readers! Continue to spend your lunch break cruising the latest sale on Gilt Groupe... it's safe!

1 comment:

Cathleen said...

i love love love gilt groupe - i've actually worked with them because our brand did a sale on their site back in march. definitely better than hautelook, where i waited for 2 months for a necklace!