Thursday, June 11, 2009

GE: Plug into the Smart Grid

The whole reason I started this blog is because I'm a talker. I can, and will, talk to anyone. Whenever I would see anything of interest I would find myself repeating the same conversation with just about anyone who would listen. Now with K&T, I am able to put it all on the blog. Something interesting has started to happen; I've noticed that over the past year I have subconsciously created a content filter. And in an instant I will either accept or reject a concept for K&T.

This past weekend I went up to Boston (which you all know based on previous posts, twitter, facebook, and regrettable drunk dials). In typical Arax fashion I waited till the last minute to book my Bolt Bus ticket and was unpleasantly surprised to find, on the eve of my departure, that all fares were COMPLETELY sold out. So what did I do? What any other social-networked-I-Can-Talk-To-ANYONE-for-3hrs would have done... put up a facebook status, "anyone driving up to Boston?". Within minutes plans were made and the next day I found myself sitting shot gun to an old friend from high school, Keane. There is only one term for Keane, and its Geek Star. And he is just that, a perfect blend of Rock Star and incredible Geek. Being a closeted geek myself, I was thrilled to spend the entire drive up literally talking about nothing but blogs, social networking sites, and technology.

So where is this all going? Well, one of the most interesting things Keane and I discussed is GE's new viral campaign, Smart Grid. Since our drive up on Friday I've given the same lecture about 6 times, forwarded 8 emails, and had 2 follow up phone calls all on the use of augmented reality. It wasn't until I casually dropped the term in a conversation tonight and was met with blank stares that I figured it was time I put it up on K&T. How this wasn't caught in my filter to begin with, who knows. But it's here now. Hopefully this will save me a conversation or two in the future....

In short, GE uses augmented reality (technology that blends real life and computer generated data) to literally place 3-D wind turbines in your hands, just by placing a piece of paper in front of your web-cam. Sounds pretty nuts huh? Yea, well, it is. I'm sure I'm not doing the best job to describe how this actually works so just watch the video. I promise you it will blow your mind.


Nadina said...

This is so crazy you wrote a blog post about this just now! I went to the NYTimes yesterday for a technology/advertising conference and they demonstrated this to us! We were all in awe when we saw this.

Arax-Rae Van Buren said...

KEANE = my tech god. period.

Keane Angle said...

Geek Star, lovin' it.

More on AR at my other blog here.