Friday, June 5, 2009

G-Free Pizza

I don't care what Elisabeth Hasselback says, gluten free pizza does not taste the same. While I'm at it, tofu cheese does not taste the same as real cheese either. Dammit.
This week I daringly tried gluten free pizza and I was not impressed. The crust was very gritty and almost a little sweet. The best way to describe it is thin sugar cookie dough gone wrong. It clearly did not stop me from polishing off half a pizza, that's not saying much though, I would eat cardboard if it had melted cheese on top.

Feel the need to try it for yourself?
Places to a G-Free slice:
270 Bleecker st.

1413 2nd Ave

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Edie Lively said...

While gluten-free pizza really can't be compared to authentic thin crust pizza, it shouldn't be disqualified as a delicious substitute for those on a gluten-free diet. I rather enjoyed the diversion from traditional pizza. The crust is, as you say "sweeter", but not as sweet as a sugar cookie. There I think you went a bit off the rails, sister. I would compare it to a Boboli Crust, or a Sicilian.
As far as tofu cheese, I think your accurate in your assessment. Nothing takes the place of real cheese- but dairy (milk specifically) is the devil incarnate so that is a mute point. Asa lama Leka.