Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This weekend I fell in love with Boston. There are a ton of cities around the area that I have visited as a kid, but have yet to explore now that I am "of age", Boston being one of them. The first night we hit the Sail Loft, a small water front bar where girls were out number 4 to 1 easily. The next day was spent laying out on the rooftop deck, complete with a pool and the perfect 360 of Boston . After we polished off a few bottles of champagne we got ready for the main event, the Red Sox game.

This was also my first time at Fenway. I have to admit that the majority of the game is a blurred memory of crashing a bachelor party... but either way I came out a Sox fan! Once the game was over we headed over to Game On, shortly after I got the boot, and we made our way back to the rooftop. The next day was spent with the boys of Slouch Back...brunch, more sunning by the pool, dinner, Game On for drinks, The Hang Over, and back to the rooftop. The 6:15am train back may have been pretty miserable, but it was well worth it. I love Boston. And trust me, you see the bang you get for your buck in rent and you will love Boston too!


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Halle said...

I love boston. i'm envious.