Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Can you find me? I'm one of the two women featured on the AOL home page. One being our great nation's First Lady and the other being me, with the breaking news that my boyfriend cheated on me and I was able to bust him using Facebook.

Quick question, is this for real?

Chanel Guitar

I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar, now I have no excuse not to. Check out this Chanel Guitar and quilted Chanel carrying case. It comes in white and in black! Price available upon request.


I have been receiving a ton of feedback from The Today Show spot that aired this morning (THANK YOU!). I plan on addressing all of it, but first I want to answer your questions about the couch I was sitting on. Truth is, it's not a couch at all. The SlouchBack is a brand new item on the market designed to to turn your bed into a three person seating area in 30 seconds. When the producer called to say that they were going to be filming in my "home office" at my Westport, CT beach house, my first thought was "home office"? My second was SlouchBack. I needed something to turn my sleeping area into a space that would be comfortable for company, and quickly at that! Thankfully, the dangerously handsome men of SlouchBack dropped off a prototype for me to use during the interview! The SB was originally designed as college dorm room furniture, but I think it serves a purpose for anyone who is living in a small apartment or spends a lot of time relaxing in their room like me. I mean, why blog sitting up, when you can blog Slouching Back, right? There are plenty of uses for the SlouchBack, trust me, I've been asked to try all of them, but check out the site and I'm sure you can figure some out on your own...


Monday, June 29, 2009

What counts as cheating NOW?

My segment for The Today Show airs tomorrow at 8 a.m. (be sure to set your DVRs)! The initial inspiration for this piece came from an article that ran in this months Glamour. To read the full article go to Glamour.com.

Chloë Sevigny

I love Chloë Sevigny's summer uniform; Long blazer, scalloped shorts, and feminine blouse.

Anna Sui for Target

This Fall Anna Sui is collaborating with Target for a Gossip Girl inspired collection. The look book was "leaked" this afternoon. Here are my personal favorites from the collection. You can view the full look book on The Cut.

The line hits Target September 13 through October 17.

Kelly Cutrone Fires Intern

My hero is making headlines again. This time for firing a summer intern. As a girl who has paid my PR internship dues and a fellow blogger I am not too sure what exactly this girl was thinking. If her blog was getting name mention then I would think that this was a genius move... but she should have known better than to think that Kelly Cutrone was going to have her anything short of black listed from every major New York publication.

[via: The Cut]

Summer Sun = Grilled Fish Tacos

Check out the post on Eat & Greet about the summer feast Kiira put together Saturday night. The only thing better than the food was the Michael Jackson dance off!

Summer Sun = Grilled Fish Tacos

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Throw Cancer Overboard

This Friday night was the Throw Cancer Overboard event. I started my night by walking no more than a half a block to catch a cab. In that distance I went from perfectly blow dried and put together to a sopping wet train wreck. Luckily, it stopped raining seconds before we boarded the boat. But my dress, hair, and shoes were still completely soaked...but those nights that you throw your hair up and don't care if people spill their drinks on your dress (because you are already wet) are the best! It turned out to be a perfect night. It was a pretty fun and effortless way to raise money for a great cause.

Sesame Wasabi Cream Cheese Spread

It is time I confess my darkest sin: My secret game. It's called, "What can I dip in cream cheese?". My love for cream cheese runs so deep that even though I have recently given up dairy products completely I still have, not 1, but 2 containers of cream cheese in my fridge. It's a problem. I am well aware. And I am not lying about this game I play. Around 10:30 every night I tip-toe into the kitchen, as to not awake my dairy-cutting-fast-walking-carb-crunching-self, bust out the container of cream cheese and start scouring for what I can dip into it. Sometimes it's a pretzel, sometimes it's a club cracker...the other day I was so desperate that I actually caught myself dipping oyster crackers into the container. It's an addiction.

Just when I thought my love for cream cheese couldn't run any deeper, BAM, I was introduced to the most amazing cream cheese dip. Of. My. Life. Today was the welcoming party for the newest addition to our family, Baby Gavin. Everyone headed to my Aunt's (read : the younger, prettier, funnier Martha Stewart) to chow down. Knowing the spread that she lays out I went hungry. I sat myself down in front of a plate of coconut shrimp with a glass of sangria, look over to the left, wait! what is that? It looks like some sort of cream cheese dip... and soy sauce? YES! Cream cheese, soy sauce, and wasabi paste... oh my. I know it sounds crazy but it blew my mind. Feel free to trust me completely on this matter, because after all, I am the self appointed expert on cream cheese.

Sesame Wasabi Cream Cheese Spread

1 package (3 oz.) cream cheese
2 tablespoons Kikkoman Soy Sauce
2 to 3 tablespoons Wasabi paste
2 tablespoons sesame seed, toasted
Assorted crackers

Place cream cheese in shallow dish. Cut cream cheese horizontally down the middle. Spread Wasabi paste all over, then place cream cheese top back on. Pour soy sauce over cream cheese; let stand at room temperature about 2 hours, turning over occasionally.
Remove cream cheese from soy sauce and "roll" in sesame seed.
Cover carefully with plastic wrap and chill in refrigerator until ready to serve.
Serve with crackers.

Friday, June 26, 2009

JRL & TO27.com

"Going out is a salacious social contact sport sponsored by Grey Goose and Planned Parenthood. I put in a 40 hour work week. It’s also a great drunken way to collect numbers from 20-somethings (which are useless until I have a daughter pledging a sorority at Indiana)." - JRL

Check out the article on Justin Ross Lee up on my favorite Hamptons site, To27.com. As always JRL entertains... talk about speaking in sound bites. Love it.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


This afternoon I shot a segment for the Today Show on how social networking sites have changed dating. Ours is a generation of voyeurs; but when do sites like Facebook and Twitter stop helping us and start hurting us? Whether it allows you to stalk your ex boyfriend (you know who you are!) or you've been tagged in a picture a little too close to someone who wasn't your boyfriend (you know who you are too, and for the record you are so much cooler than the chick who stalks her ex boyfriend) sometimes this technology plays a negative role in dating today. I don't expect there to be a technological revolution anytime soon, so we have to face the facts, the game has changed. Here are a few of the topics we touched upon while filming...

the initial contact: As a girl, when I first am interested in a guy I am not going to approach him for his number. A really non-invasive tactic for getting his attention is a friend request. This way you have establish contact without being too forward.

the "ex" files: Facebook or Stalkerbook? When first getting involved with someone it is natural to be curious of those who came before you. Before Facebook new couples were able to disclose information about their ex's on their own time, well, not any more! With Facebook you are able to see a documented photographic timeline of these past relationships. Were they tagged in pictures away on vacation together? Were they tagged in pictures together for the holidays? Before you have even addressed the ex's in the relationship you have come to your own conclusions on how serious this past relationship was.

what not having a Facebook says about you: We have come to an age in technology where not having a Facebook is bad business. Social networking has become such a tool that it is almost frowned upon to not have a Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter page. I personally wouldn't get involved with someone who didn't have a facebook page. To me it is a huge red-flag. My immediate thought is, "what does this person have to hide?". Everyone I know has some form of social networking page, even my Grandmother! If you aren't on Facebook it is because you don't want the "social networking paper trail", and I get that... I just wouldn't date you!

lost in translation: There is so much power in the tone of ones voice that is now lost. So much communication in the early stages of dating is happening via text, bbm, email, and Facebook messages. I know that I've asked the question on numerous occasions "what does this mean?". Sometimes it is really hard to translate. You read it, over think it, stare blankly at the screen, write 5 variations of the same message, then close your eyes, press send, shutter, quickly go to sent message, re-read it, shutter again, and then spend the rest of your day wondering how your message is going to be interrupted.

These comments and much, much more...

To get the full story you are going to have to tune in to The Today Show, Tuesday* on NBC! I had so much fun filming and loved working with the crew from NBC. I look forward to everyone seeing it and hearing your feed back. I am sure everyone has experiences similar to mine and I would love to hear them! There are many people who feel that Facebook has ruined dating, but I am not so quick to give up hope. I'm a hopeless romantic and optimist, I think love will find each and everyone of us, regardless of your friends who love to tag you in albums that should be entitled "Drunk Girls at Bad Camera Angles".

Clearly I've got nothing to hide:
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*With everything going on though with MJ and FF there is a chance it will get pushed back.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Virgin Free-Fest

I just received the best news ... Virgin Fest this year is FREE! Why free? This year at Virgin Fest they are just asking that everyone make a donation to the organization ReGeneration, a charity that works to help the 2 million youth in America that experience homelessness each year. They ask that everyone donates at least $5... think you can swing that? The line up isn't the greatest, but that doesn't really matter, it's free!

Tickets go up FOR FREE on Ticketmaster Saturday, June 27th @ 10am.

Rachel Zoe Project

IT'S BACK! The Rachel Zoe Project is BACK! I am proudly one of the pathetic few that could not get enough of this show. Within one episode, "I Die", had become a staple phrase in my vocabulary. I can not wait for the drama between Taylor and Brad. Set your dvr's RZP is back to Bravo on August 25th!

Follow on Twitter : http://twitter.com/rzrachelzoe

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Making Waves

The event is this Friday! Do you have your ticket yet? Not that you need another reason to partake in this booze cruise other than the open bar benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma society, but just in case, it's also supposed to perfect weather on Friday night. Cocktail in hand, the sun setting behind the Manhattan sky line, and perfect 72 degree air... what more could you want? Be there. I will be.

Vineyard Vines

Christopher Deane Sample Sale

DATES: Thursday, June 25th, 2009 - Tuesday, July 7th, 2009: 12:00pm – 8:00pm

TIME: 12-8pm

LOCATION: 37 Cornelia Street, New York, NY
(between Bleecker St. and W. 4th St) Subways ACE, 123, FV

Sophia Eugene Boutique, second child of designer Christopher Crawford of upstart line Christopher Deane fame is having its Winter Sample Sale! Score ultra feminine designs from Christopher Deane and Sophia Eugene at 50% - 80% off.

Sophia Eugene silk dresses were $258 now $100, jersey dresses were $128 now $80, silk tops were $158 now $60. Christopher Deane silk cas-lo dresses were $325 now $150, cotton and silk tops were $240 now $80.


I love Longchamp's new fall campaign. Kate Moss looks amazing. Is she ever going to age? Or are they going to keep air brushing her to make her look 26 for the rest of our lives?

High Line & Recycling

Here is the response I received from the High Line in regards to my post about the High Line and lack of recycling bins:

"Recycling is absolutely a priority for us, and we were hoping to have recycling cans up there by opening but there are some logistics issues we have to take care of before we can do that. They are definitely coming though, it's just a matter of time."

Monday, June 22, 2009


Check out the line today in front of the SoHo Apple store days after the initial launch....

I guess the release of a new i-phone more than 72 hours ago is a large enough event for Red Bull to try and milk it for press. Here is my brother, Max, showering in the Red Bull chick.

His eyes are closed but this picture is still classic.

High Line

Today my family hit the High Line for a little late Father's Day celebration. My step-dad is a huge design buff so it was perfect. Long story short : if you haven't taken the time to check this out put it at the top of your to do list. Here are some pictures from the day....

Here is the one flaw....

Do you see what's missing? A recycling can! The High Line screams green, and when I had to throw my water bottle in the garbage I felt really guilty. I'm not saying I'm queen green over here, the guilt I felt was actually surprising to me. To be honest, the only thing I've been known to recycle is boyfriends, but in that setting it just felt wrong to throw away a plastic bottle. And one would think that if the City of New York is going to open a mile and a half long elevated park, today, that they would implement recycling cans. I mean, heck, the Chelsea Market (right next store) has 'em. Come on NYC. Get on the ball.

Page Six

Chanel Jade Polish

I found this on one of my new favorite blogs, For the Love of Fashion. I wasn't crazy about the colors that Chanel launched for summer once I saw them in person. Hopefully Fall's won't disappoint.

[via : For the Love of Fashion]

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dress Options

The last thing I need is another dress. Dresses currently make up about 1/3 of my closest. It was this past Thursday that I made a vow that I wasn't going to buy another dress all summer. Friday I bought this really great black Kimono dress that I NEEDED for a charity booze cruise next weekend. See my problem? (And when its for charity do you drop the booze and just write "charity cruise"?)

Next month my cousin is getting married in Chicago. And, as previously stated, the last thing I need is another dress. But it's a wedding. It's a formal event. Insert any other excuse for me to buy a new dress here. In order to justify the purchase of a new dress (and attempt to keep it budget friendly) I've decided to go vintage. I want something really fun, young, and different. I was cruising e-Bay and came across this. What are your thoughts? This could be perfect with a mid-summer's glow and great bangles, right?

25 hours left to bid. Current price $9.99.

That Old Feelin'

For those of you I didn't see last night, you missed out. That Old Feelin' rocked 169 Bar. First, let me say that 169 Bar is my new favorite dive location. Low ceilings, perfectly lit, just large enough to fit your closest friends, and $9 dirty ketel martini's. Back to the band rockin it. As soon as they started playing Driving Too Fast everyone jumped to their feet and started dancing for the first time that night. But my favorite moment, by far, was when lead singer Hanna Leess gave a shout out to "the 3 girls in front".

If you didn't catch them this time around don't worry, they will be back August 1st to play the legendary Bitter End. And if you are in Boston, they are playing House of Blues on June 26th.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Alexa Chung

I haven't actually seen Alexa Chung's new MTV show It's On. From what I've heard, it's getting mixed reviews. I did, however, spend quite some time today on MTV's website. I watched a few of Alexa's video blogs, clicked a few pictures, read a few tweets... solely based on that content alone I would like to report that I am in love with Alexa Chung. Maybe I like her so much because I think we would be friends or maybe its because she reminds me so much of a friend I already have, Hanny. Either way I look forward to whatever form of content I get from this show, if for nothing more than to check out her incredible outfits.

Here is a quote from her Bio on MTV.com:

"What else is there? OK, I like green tea, clothes and Makers Mark. I'm a vegetarian, but I'm scared of carbs. I've got one rule; I don't eat anything with a face on it. My fave book is Revolutionary Road. My least fave movie is Revolutionary Road. I'm really good at swimming and playing the recorder, and I'm really bad at singing, but I love karaoke as much as the next guy. My favorite fact is that a baby can crawl through the artery of a whale. I don't know if that's true but my friend Jack told me and he's usually right."

Like I said, I think we would be friends. Minus that whole not eating carbs things. I don't surround myself with people who don't eat carbs. Being a carb eater is more than a dietary choice, it's a lifestyle.

Follow Alex on Twitter

Head to Toe recaps of Alexa's outfits

Thursday, June 18, 2009

High Line

It's finally open! The much anticipated High Line had its official opening on June 8th. I can not wait for a sunny day to check this out. I'm actually considering becoming a member. The membership fee is only $75 ($35 for students) and you get a discount at surrounding stores like DVF and 192 Books and they will put you on the mailing list so you receive notification of upcoming events.

Open 7am. to 10 pm. daily
In the inaugural weeks you will have to enter through the Gansevoort St access point at the corner of Gansevoort and Washington.


Balenciaga's Resort 2010 Collection is perfection. I have a slight fetish for ruffles recently, so I am loving these pieces. And check out the shoes too!

[via : Refinery29]


Based on the weather outside I should be showcasing a raincoat, but I refuse to kowtow to this rain. I'm a big believer in manifesting, so a sexy summer dress it is! This isn't the dress I really wanted*, but it will have to do. And the price point is really great as well. You can't tell from the picture but there are holes under the arms where that material billowing is happening.

Open Windows Tunic $58
Available at Anthropologie

*The Maeve dress that I am obsessed with is still not available online. You guys are just going to have to go into the store to find it. Ask for the black Maeve dress with the key hole back. Amazing.


There have been a few small changes made to Kiss and Type...

Have you noticed? If so, what do you think?

As K&T continues to grow I am going to be making changes to help support your wants. This is a learning process for me, so any real transitions made will happen slowly over time. Feel free to contact me at any time if you aren't happy with what you are seeing.


& ps. thanks.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thicker Than Water Soundtrack

Summer has been a tease so far this June. Even though my weather widget has more little suns than clouds, it has been overcast every day this week. Last night, there Dave and I sat, on another over cast Tuesday night, staring at his surfboard, recapping some of my old memories of Montauk. "Hey, you don't happen to have Thicker than Water, do you?" Out from under his bed he pulled his external hard drive (which I'm sure is 75% porn) and within moments we were watching Jack Johnson's Thicker than Water, and my night was made. First thing I did when I got home was head to i-Tunes and purchase the soundtrack. It's vintage Jack Johnson with a few other summer vintage hits mixed in. Worth every penny of the $9.99.

I woke up this morning. The sun was out.

H&M and Jimmy Choo

The ounce of me that was still on the fence about H&M has just evaporated into thin air. H&M has announced today that they will be collaborating with Jimmy Choo for a collection of shoes, bags, accessories, and clothing! The collection will launch November 14th and will be sure to sell out and become available on eBay November 15th.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

That Old Feelin'

We asked for more of the Boston based band and they are pulling through! That Old Feeling is hitting NYC again, this Saturday June 20th, 9pm, @ 169 Bar. If you aren't familiar with their music be sure to check out That Old Feelin's myspace page. Personal favorites: My Kind of Man and Only One. Be there. I will be.

Monday, June 15, 2009

"Sleeping with Ashley Olsen"

Justin Ross Lee has 5,001 Facebook friends, and I pride myself in being one of them. Although some of you may have just become acquainted with JRL from his expose with Guest of a Guest, those of you that are strangers to this Facebook celebrity, are in for a treat.
Who is Justin Ross Lee, you ask? Well, since there are no words to do this powerhouse justice, let's just say, simply put, JRL is a “super charged- super Jew". Which, btw, is a term Justin coined himself. JRL has single handily taken Facebook, and the country, by storm being a one man power house of branding. I am one of the original JRL followers and have come to love him through his scandalous status updates, provocative photo captions, and raw, obnoxious video footage. Humbly, I admit, “I don’t really know him, he’s just my Facebook friend”, when introducing his videos to my real friends. I will plow through the embarrassment because videos like “Interfaith dating” and “24 hours in Vegas”, are that worth it. I’ve never actually met JRL, but I can give you the names of his past two girlfriends and recite for you, verbatim, how he spent this past weekend. I guess this makes me a JRL groupie. Trust me, if this is the first time you are hearing his name, it won’t be the last. Justin Ross Lee is currently working on a reality TV show as well as a clothing line.

Last Monday, when I logged into Facebook, not surprisingly JRL had uploaded pictures. I was, however, intrigued by the album title, “Sleeping with Ashley Olsen”. Upon seeing this, I immediately contacted him.

I was finally able to get him on the phone, for what turned into an hour long play-by-play of everything Ashley Olsen. It's worth mentioning that when I finally contacted JRL, he was “jew-jetting” in Vegas for the weekend. He was kind enough to take the call poolside, at the Signature MGM Hotel, regardless of not having slept in 24 hours. Trust me, he may have been nursing a hangover and running his “jew-shitck” on the cocktail waitresses, but he didn’t miss a beat.

For the record, Kiss and Type isn’t a celebrity gossip blog. After being voted biggest gossip in high school, I’ve tried really hard to tame my evil ways. That said, there are countless questions as well as preconceived notions that our generation has about the Olsen's. JRL just happened to have answers. Instead of telling and retelling his story, I figure I would make this one exception, and let my readers have it. Some details you may find pointless... but these are the things I wanted to know.

First, let me clarify by saying, JRL did not actually sleep with Ashley Olsen. He sat next to her on their flight from LA to NYC last week. And since he only flies first class, JRL and Ashley Olsen were both “fuck you lying flat” for what he calls a seven hour “forced date”, hence the title.

Let me set the stage; The flight was completely full, the door was closed, and they were ready for take off. The plane door reopens (which never happens) and on walks Ashley Olsen, escorted by her personal assistant and a gate agent. They walk her to the only available seat on the plane, and just her luck, it happens to be next to the one and only JRL. She is wearing an “unnecessary” amount of layers for summer in LA, over sized sunglasses, and carried on just one bag… the over sized brown Birkin. Since she is so frail she was unable to put into the Birkin in the overhead and had to be assisted by the agent. Upon sitting down, she introduced herself, and JRL made a decision at that point to pretend as though he had no idea who she was. He spent the entire flight calling her "Amy", which I personally think is incredible. Over two glasses of pre-flight champagne, they toasted to a safe flight while flipping through magazines. (Ashley : InStyle JRL: Robb Report) The entire time both parties kept their sunglasses on. It wasn’t until JRL removed his sunglasses, that Ashley quickly followed suite.

(Ashley Olsen with the over sized Birkin pictured above)

JRL asked her what she does for a living, to which she obnoxiously replies, “I’m an actress”, in a tone implying, are you fucking kidding me? He didn't let her tone stop him, he proceed to tell her that he is a first time flyer. JRL actually grabbed her hand during take off, to which Ashley giggled, she wasn't buying it.
NOTE: JRL flies over 100,000 miles each year and is a member of the "Mile Chai Club" more than 1o times over.

After they had hit cruising altitude the flight attendant took their drink order.
Ashley ordered a sort-of screwdriver, “Vodka rocks, and splash of OJ”
To which JRL responds, “Lot of screw, little driver…is it my job to facilitate the follow through?”
Again she wasn't buying it.

When asked where she lived, she responded with, “I have homes in both places”. As in NYC and LA.

Even though JRL said that the flight was so stuffy he actually had to disrobe from his signature blazer (something he never does) Ashley spent the entire flight wrapped in a Hermes cashmere throw, $1,250,which JRL reports she actually took with her into the bathroom. When Ashley returned to her seat JRL greeted her with the comment, "Nice plane hair." At which point she rushed back into the bathroom for a second look.

What did she eat? Did she eat? This is my favorite part. She ordered, without even looking at the menu, a salad- no dressing. Ashley then proceeded to put her chair in the lie flat position and fall asleep. When the flight attendant came with her the salad- no dressing, she quickly opened her eyes and brushed the salad away. Keep in mind that this is almost a seven-hour flight. She did not consume one ounce of food. She did however finish 3 stiff sort-of screwdrivers and 3 glasses of champagne.

JRL and Ashley Olsen were the first to depart the plane. After spending 7 hours calling her “Amy”, sleeping along side of her, and taking video footage, they walk side by side down to the baggage claim. At which point JRL turns to her and says,
“I have to compliment you. Sleeping with an Olsen Twin is much better than TMZ reports.”
So there you have it! No one else could pull it off but JRL.

When asked about the mystery film footage JRL responded, “At this time I am only releasing the still images.” Saving it for his Reality TV show perhaps? We shall have to wait and see!