Monday, May 11, 2009

Mossimo Pari Sandals

I stopped off at Target this week to pick up more of those Mossimo cotton razor back dresses I can't seem to get enough of. I normally never check out Target's shoe selection, but for some reason on this particular day I was inclined to see what they had to offer. Most of them were total junk, but there, in the chaos of shoes boxes strewn on the floor and oddly attached together with these plastic ties, was EXACTLY what I've been looking for; a simple black thick band heel. I know they don't look like much in these pictures, but I promise you they are amazing. This Saturday I attended the opening of Butterfield 8 in Stamford. It was totally last minute, so I had nothing to wear. Luckily I had picked up these shoes earlier this week. I rocked them with a little black mini-dress and felt that my outfit was complete. They were incredibly comfortable too. Who knew? $30 shoes from Target would such a hit. Total must buy.

Mossimo Pari Sandals $29.99

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