Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mary Rambin & Non-Society

Earlier this week I mentioned the absence of Mary Rambin under contributing editors for Non-Society. Non-Society was originally composed of Mary Rambin, Julia Allison, and Meghan Asha. The three of them together kept daily life blogs, along with webisodes they call TMI Weekly. Being my nosy self, I sent Rambin an @reply asking her what the story was behind the split. Here is the response I got:

Based on that reply, I am left to assume that Rambin has broken away from the Non-Society life blog completely, but will continue to participate in the TMI Weekly. Rambin now has an independent life blog, More than Mary. The Non-Society life blogs feel incomplete without a third. I think they should start looking for a replacement immediately. Don't we think I would be perfect for it?

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