Monday, May 18, 2009

Lauren Conrad

Wondered what Lauren Conrad will be doing now that her stint with The Hills is over? Apparently she has written/is writing a three book young-adult series called L.A. Candy. Teen Vogue posted a except from the "novel". One would think that they would print some of the books better content... here is a sample of what we got:

"Jane felt her blood freeze. Fiona never called Jane into her office unless she was in trouble. It was always something like, "Jane, the last time I checked, ivory and eggshell weren't the same color," or "Jane, is this message from Jeffrey with a J or Geoffrey with a G?" What had she done this time? Either way, she preferred that her humiliating lectures take place in private—just her and Fiona behind closed doors. Guess not today. She frowned at the cameras, which were supposed to be capturing "an average workday." Well, now, the L.A. Candy viewers are going to see my average butt getting yelled at, Jane thought."

What do we think? All fake fluff right? From the looks of it this is just another way for Lauren Conrad to promote her pseudo-reality. I thought the whole reason that she left The Hills was so that she would have a chance to be herself and not a character. The central character, Jane Roberts, is supposed to be a loosely based Conrad, yet the entire world knows that Conrad has never really worked a day in her life as someone else's personal assistant. I really just wish she would have finally done something of some truth. But I have to give her credit for keeping her branding machine going, in that respect, more power to her! And I like the cover.

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