Monday, May 11, 2009


Today marks the one year anniversary for Kiss and Type. Should I take it as a sign that this day comes a day after my college graduation? After a year of blogging, when people ask me, "So what are your plans?" is it appropriate to respond with "I'm a blogger"? While pondering these question I went to the post that started it all, my brown rice sushi post.

brown rice sushi?

Last week the temperature hit almost 80 degrees and I was suddenly in a state of panic. Am I the only person that missed all of March and April? Determined to be bikini ready by boat season I did what every reasonable 23 year old girl would do. I called my homeopathic doctor/ nutritionist to have him put me on one of those "detox" cleanses. The idea though is not to loose weight (but I figure if this is forcing me to cut dairy, sugar, and processed carbs I have to drop those 5 lbs i've been dying to get rid of... right?).

I sat down with Dr. Mark (the MD/ND) 2 weeks ago and he made me a list of foods I can and cannot eat. Both rice and fish were on there... BINGO. Living on sushi for 2 weeks wouldn't be a problem. There was a catch though, it had to be BROWN RICE sushi. What is the difference between brown and white rice? White rice is brown rice that has had the bran covering removed, removing with it the brown color. Brown rice still have the bran intact so it has more fiber than white rice. It also has nutrients like magnesium and zinc (white rich has much lower levels of both). Think wonder bread vs. whole grain bread.

For two weeks all I ate was brown rice sushi, and it made a believer out of me. Usually no matter how much sushi I eat a few hours later I am starving. With the brown rice sushi I stayed full all night. If you can find a place that has mastered keeping the rice sticky then I suggest you give it a try. If you are grabbing a quick sushi lunch on the go try Whole Foods. So far they have had the best out of everywhere I've tried. In my experience some restaurants are a little hesitant because they are worried it won't stick together. With this, its all in the preparation.

Here are some Whole Foods locations if you are daring enough to make the switch:


399 Post Rd West


90 E. Putnam Ave


250 7th Ave

Union Square

4 Union Square South

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Alex Chingas said...

Hey Arax, Congrats on graduation! Look forward to catching-up with you soon... Best, Alex