Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chuck Bass.

There are simply two reasons why I love Gossip Girl, 1. Chuck Bass, and 2. the clothes. I know that Gossip Girl fashion is inspiring to girls, but I was thrilled to receive a twitter reply from my male friend, Matt, inquiring about Chuck Bass's coat from this weeks episode. If I can help facilitate more men in the world to look like Chuck Bass I'm game. So I accepted the challenge and after a late night of googling here is what I found...

The coat Chuck is wearing is called a Covert Coat. Covert coats are a lighter weight all year version of a Chesterfield, originally named after Earl of Chesterfield in 1830. Shown above is the traditional camel color with a contrasting darker velvet collar. This light weight jacket is perfect for Spring and Autumn. New & Lingwood's Covert Coat came highly recommended. But, heads up, its not cheap to look like Chuck Bass.

Gossip Gurl

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