Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beautiful Changes

When the posts stop coming on Kiss and Type it is safe to say there is some major distraction in my life. This hiatus has been no exception. This has been the week of what I like to call "beautiful changes"...(I believe so strongly in this that it is actually the title of the facebook photo album. Moving on). So what have been the causes of my distraction?

First, and most importantly, this Friday we welcomed into the world the newest edition to our family, 7 lbs 9 oz. baby Gavin! It was such an amazing day. One second my Step-Mother is pregnant, the next there is a whole new life in the room. It's the type of concept you think you've wrapped your head around but then it actually happens and you are blown completely away. The whole thing went off without a hitch. Four solid pushes and 22 minutes later he was out. It all happened quicker then watching a dvr-ed episode of The Hills. When we walked in the delivery room my Step-Mom said she felt like she could run 5 miles, and knowing her, if the doctor would have let her she would have! The rest of the weekend was spent falling head over heels in love with new baby Gavin and thinking how fortunate I am for my family. Welcome to the world and to our family Baby Gavin.

As if the birth of a new baby wasn't enough, I also fit my college graduation into this weekend. The fact that I actually graduated is a huge deal. How do I say this... college wasn't exactly the easiest thing for me to accomplish. The Facts: finishing school took me all of 6 years, 5 jobs, 3 internships, 3 schools, 2 boyfriends, and about 15 pounds. So what happened? Never really being excited by school I figured if I had to go I would apply the concept of "go big or go home", and off I went to Arizona State. Now, for a girl who wasn't really, lets say, "focused", would you suggest Arizona State? No. Of course not. But I've never been a good listener. So it ended up taking me 3 years and (brace yourself) 24 credits, to realize I was never going to graduate if I stayed. And with that conclusion, I decided it was time to go home. And even though there were times when hope was lost, somehow I managed to pull it all together in the end. And by somehow, I mean with the support of my friends and family who have given endless pep-talks and inspirational speeches along the way. So I am happy to report that as of this past Sunday I am a University of Connecticut alumni.

And there you have it. My weekend of Beautiful Changes.

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