Tuesday, May 19, 2009


If you watched Kelly Cutrone's video you know that bangles are the hot summer trend. I was happy to see that my fashion forward best friend/nutritionist, Ashley B. Christie, had her arms stacked with amazing African beaded bangles. The bangles were all made by Kenyan women participating in The Thorn Tree Project, a non-profit established to help the nomadic people of Sereolipi in the northern arid lands of Kenya. Thorn Tree Project in 2005 launched their "bracelet project" where bracelets are sold and the profit all goes to the building of schools in Kenya. To participate in the "bracelet project" and be up on the summer trend, make your way to Clodagh, where the bangles are currently being sold.

670 Broadway

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Mackie said...

they are incredible...you're going to die...but they also sell them at darien sport shop! ha, who knew!?